Bolshajan kennel is a small borzoi kennel located in Southern Finland. The kennel is established in 1989 but the first borzoi came to my life already in 1981. As any young girl does, also I asked my parents if I could have a dog of my own. I think that my mother heard me saying thousands of times 'If nothing else then some small one...' but the answer was always 'no'. Until I found BORZOI - that beautiful, fluently moving, aristocratic, almost unreal animal that got also my mother's acceptance and my dad wasn't even asked. ;)

Hopefully this website will give you an insight of this lovely breed and our beautiful borzois. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is something more you would like to know.

We expect our next borzoi litter to be born in 2019.

- Anne

Bolshajan kennel on perustettu vuonna 1989. Kasvatamme pienimuotoisesti venäjänvinttikoiria. Näiden nettisivujemme kautta pyrimme antamaan muillekin tilaisuuden tutustua tähän hienoon rotuun sekä omiin rakkaisiin koiriimme.

Sivut ovat suurimmilta osin englanninkieliset, mutta pääroolissa ovatkin koiramme.
Vastaamme mielellämme mahdollisiin kysymyksiisi rotuun tai harrastukseen liittyen.


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