Bolshajan Gaia Odile

Bolshajan Gaia Odile is born in October 2015. Her dam is SMM-14 Bolshajan Freija Aurelia, "Ruu" (Korsakov's Oakhill Landmark / Staraja Russa Jaroslavna) and father INT MCh Chyerdak Kashmir (Ischyma Hitan Rayen / Rainmaker Kylli Chyerdak). Odile loves to run fast and jump on high places where she can observe the surroundings. So far she has won one CAC in shows and three CACL in lure coursing.

Odile's complete pedigree can be found on her page in the Borzoi Breed Archive.
>> Odile in the Borzoi Breed Archive

Odile has Cardiac Healt Certificate, echo; no signs of heart disease.

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