FIN CH Bolshajan Bojar Bafgan

Margiitan Zambalaya Zhack / Bolshajan Aurora (1993 - 2003)

Bafgan was a special dog. He got his name (afgan with B) because he liked to sing like afghans use to do. He had an excellent temperament - he often got us to laugh with his odd habits. He was always happy, newer angry, but still he had strong hunter's mind. Coursing wasn't his favourite. As a small puppy his coat was like a lamb's coat but the older he got the more beautiful his coat became.

Bafgan was the Best of Opposite Sex in Finnish Borzoi Club big specialty 1997, when his sister Belinda was BOB. The show was judged by Nadine Johnsson, over 100 borzois entered, 55 of them males. Bafgan sired one litter in Staraja Russa and one in Krilat - these litters were very beautiful and produced very good breeding dogs, too. We have had possibilty to continue our breeding from these lines.

"Excellent overall dog with smooth easy movement. Good head, good angulation, very good topline, excellent pigment. Overall quality dog." (1997, Nadine Johnson).