FIN CH Field CH SMM-02 Bolshajan Dondelayo

Basnjan Fou d'Amour / Bolshajan Brilliant (1998 - 2007)

"Jätkä" was an exceptional male - he had sweet temperament but still he was very keen on lure coursing and did well in shows too. He sired our E-litter.

Finland's Best of Opposite Sex Hobby Borzoi '99
Finland's Top Hobby Borzoi '01 & ´02

"Very handsome dog. Beautiful head. Excellent outline and condition. Pasterns sloup too much. Overall very handsome dog." (2002 JL Buchanan)

"Beautiful english type head with correct dentition. Nice neck length into excellent shoulder and upperarm. Super pasterns. Lovely rear angulation. Nice outline. Beautiful mover with full extention and drive. True and rear." (2006, Sue Peskett)