FIN CH Margiitan Weruschka

Margiitan Weruschka was known as Veera. She was a white female born in May 30th 1984 and died in January 28th 1998. Veera's dad was Olagus Ushkow and her mom was Majorow's Fayanova. Veera's complete pedigree can be found on her page in The Borzoi Files.
>> Veera in The Borzoi Files

Best of Veera was her temperament. She was always happy and laughing with a broad smile, never got angry and she was also very good in coursing. Veera was an excellent mother for our A-litter. We kept her two doughters Aurora and Anile at home and later also Alessandra came back home. Veera used to play with them a lot and also teached coursing for them.

"Stilig tik med fina linjer, tort och fint huvud. Bra hals o skulder, bra kropp, vinklar o benstomme. Rör sig bra från sidan, ganska bra fram o bak." (1988, Hjördis Espeland)

"In good condition for her age with plenty of coat and good teeth. She also moves with some style. I'd prefer a better topline from the shoulder. Nice feminine head and expression." (1994, Gerry Hickey)