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Hyvinkää National Show

9.7.2011 and



At Hyvinkää national show First Lady

won her 16th CAC!




Tuusula National Show

2.7.2011 and


Karjaa National Show




At Tuusula national show First Lady took

BOB and CAC!


The next day in Karjaa, First Lady, her sweet highness =),

took first her fifth Best of Breed in a row and

finished the day with Best in Group - 1!





Riihimäki National Show

18.6.2011 and


Kotka International Show





What a weekend!


First Lady took Best of Breed and

CAC at Riihimäki National Show!


And at Kotka International Show she

was again Best of Breed with

CAC and her second CACIB!



BOS Imago's Xmas party BOB Dantalian's First Lady

Kotka International Show




Pennuista uusia 7 vk kuvia Litters-sivulla!




Pennuista uusia 6 vk kuvia Litters-sivulla!




Pennuista uusia 5 vk kuvia Litters-sivulla!





Lohja Show




First Lady continued her summer show

tour with a huge surprise!


First she took BOB and her 11th CAC,

and then ended up as Best in Group 4

at the finals!



First Lady in group finals...


and was placed fourth =)

pictures from group finals (C) Sari Kupiainen


BOS Imago's Xmas party BOB Dantalian's First Lady




Pennuista uusia 4 vk kuvia Litters-sivulla!




(C) Eeva Lampikari



Vallentuna International Show

Sweden, 29.5.2011



We took a short trip to Sweden

at the end of May in hope of gaining

the swedish CAC for our

sweet First Lady!


She showed herself, again,

very beautifully and was

BB- 2 with CAC and reserv- CACIB!


According to the new show rules

this swedish CAC will be waiting until

she turns two years and hopefully

finishes her Finnish Champion title.


First Lady has now 10 finnish CAC and

1 swedish CAC.

We are so happy!




Helsinki International Show




At Helsinki International Show

First Lady was shown in intermediate class

for the first time which meant that this was

the first time she could receive the CACIB.


We couldn't believe it when we were placed and

really got the first CACIB at the first possible show!


Dantalian's First Lady










Lahti Show








Dantalian's First Lady started

this year with flying colors!


She took her 9th CAC and

4th BOB at the age of 16 months! 






Dantalian's First Lady



Young Cardigan of the Year 2010








We are very happy to let you know that

Dantalian's First Lady "Hippu" took first place

in the Young Cardigan of the Year 2010 show competition!! 


She was also 8th in the

Female of the Year 2010 competition while her

mother Pigna took 10th place

in Female of the Year 2010 competition! 


Our Muumimamma took 8th place int the

Brood bitch of the Year 2010 competition!


What a nice year we had!




Herning International Show

Denmark, 7.11.2010



Uszaki Muumimamma finished her

titles when she took the danish CAC

at Herning international dog show!


Uszaki Muumimamma is now

FI & SE & DK & N & Nordic Countries Ch

and C.I.B

(International champion title, which will be confirmed by the FCI)


We are so proud of our girl!



Wonderfull success, again,

for both our berneses and cardigans!

We are so happy!



Lohja Puppy Show




The last puppy show for our bernese young ones

D's Dream Girl and D's Dream Son

(Zandrina's Noasson Dantalian -

Zalaparti-Berni Cherry Queen Dantalian)

was a day of true happiness!


12 bernese puppies were at

the show (8 males, 4 females).

D's Dream Son took Best Male puppy,

while his litter-brother D's Dream Laddie

stood at the second place.

They were both given Prize of Honours!


D's Dream Girl entered the female ring and

won Best Female puppy with Prize of Honours!


At the tough competition between

the siblings, D's Dream Son won =)





At the Group Finals D's Dream Son

showed himself excellently and

ended up as 3rd Best in Group!




Sorry, no pictures from Group Finals yet...


This was a very nice end of the puppy show

careers for these young ones...

Next time at Junior Classes!






Karkkila Show



At Karkkila show our young

cardigan D's First Lady took her 8th CAC

and won her 3rd BOB at the age of only 13 months!

We were also so happy when she finished 3rd

at the Group Finals!!


Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 1, CAC, BOB

Best in Group - 3




Hyvinkää Show




Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 1, CAC, BOB






Turku Puppy Show




Dantalian's Dream Son

BOS - puppy




Dantalian's Dream Girl 

at Turku puppy show





Vantaa Show




Zalaparti-Berni Cherry Queen Dantalian

BB - 1, CAC, BOB





Summer shows, Summer Shows!



Heinola National Show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 2, CAC





Eskilstuna International Show

Sweden, 21.8.2010


Our cardigan export to Sweden,

Dantalian's First Line,

entered the junior class for the first time.


Congratulations to the owner for

the nice results!


Dantalian's First Line

Junior Class 1 / prize of Honour



Dantalian's First Line with her prizes!



Kouvola National Show

Sweden, 21.8.2010


Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 2, CAC


Pirtek Pigna Dantalian

BB - 1, BOB


Thank you to Eeva Lampikari for the picture!


BOS Imago's Xmas Party BOB Pirtek Pigna Dantalian




Heinola Puppy Show



Dantalian's Dream Girl

Best Female puppy, BOB



kennel Dantalian's breeder group

1 / prize of Honour

BOB - breeder


Breeders group judging...




Thank you to all my WONDERFULL puppy owners

for a lovely day!!



Dream Girl is showing her flying movements

at group finals..




Raisio National Show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 4, reserv-CAC


Pirtek Pigna Dantalian

BB - 1, CAC, BOB, Finnish Champion



BOB Pirtek Pigna Dantalian, BOS Geestland's Picked Pard




Nokia Show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 4, reserv-CAC


Pirtek Avec Dantalian

BM - 2, CAC



Our young boy Avec enters

shows only once a year.

With this "show speed" he will in other words

become a champion when he is four years

if our plans match up =)




Mikkeli Puppy Show



Dantalian's Dream Girl

Best Female puppy, BOS


Dantalian's Dream Son

Best Male puppy, BOB



Our young berneses started their show career,

and what a start!


And of course we forgot our camera at home,

so no pictures from this show...




Ristiina National Show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 1, CAC, BOS





Köping International show,

Sweden 3.7.2010


Uszaki Muumimamma





BOS Uszaki Muumimamma, BOB Kerman Captain Jack


Muumimamma got her first CACIB in July 2009

at Visby, Sweden international show.

Then she got a finnish CACIB and

a norwegian CACIB.

With this CACIB from Köping, Sweden

she is now an International Champion

and can add the title C.I.B infront of her name!

We are so extremely happy!


At Köping, Sweden our sweetheart Cherry

entered the ring for the first time after the puppies.

In a class with ten open females,

we were very happy when Cherry was placed fifth!



Zalaparti-Berni Cherry Queen Dantalian

our sweetheart!





Again smashing news!


Our young girl Dantalian's First Lady

just keeps surprising us...


Two International shows and

the results are stunning!





Her mother Pigna lost her coat for the summer.

But when she's back in full condition,

we will continue for the last CAC...


Our little sweetheart First Lady...

This is how much First Lady likes being in the car,

but we're glad she loves to be in the show rings!



Pori International show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 1, CAC, BOB






Kotka International show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 1, CAC, BOS




Amazing news from the show rings...


We are very glad

to tell you our latest show news!


Our cardigans from three generations are

making us so proud!


Grandmother U. Muumimamma finished

some champion titels and

her daughter P. Pigna Dantalian is now

only one CAC short from her champion titel.

And from the third generation

D. First Lady started her show career

with the most wonderfull results:

4 x BOB - puppy

1 x BIG - 2

and CAC from her first show in junior class.


The girls have celebrated their wins

by running around the yard

and enjoying the summer weather =)


Drammen, Norway

International Show



Uszaki Muumimamma



She finished her Norwegian Champion

and Nordic Countries Champion titels!

She now needs only one CACIB from any country

to finish her International Champion titel!


Järvenpää all breed show



Dantalian's First Lady

BB - 3, CAC


Puppy Show Riihimäki



Dantalian's First Lady

BOB-puppy, BIG - 2



Lappeenranta FCI 1 show



Pirtek Pigna Dantalian

BB - 2, CAC


Dantalian's First Lady




Puppy Show Loviisa



Dantalian's First Lady




The Bernese Puppies have left to their

wonderfull new homes!



Dantalian's Dream Son and Dantalian's Dream Girl

stayed at home to keep their mother Cherry company!




PUPPY PICTURES, 4 weeks old /


PENTU KUVIA, 4 viikkoa vanhoja


The puppies are growing by the day

and so is the energy level!


Pennut kasvavat melkein silmissä

ja niin kasvaa myös vauhdin hurma!









PUPPY PICTURES, 3 weeks old /


PENTU KUVIA, 3 viikkoa vanhoja


Still one boy available!

Vielä yksi suloinen poikaa etsii omaa kotiaan!



The puppies moved today to our kitchen.

They are now intruduced to the other dogs and

they seem to like the company!

All the puppies are very active so

alot of running around allready!


Pennut muuttivat tänään asumaan keittiöömme.

Tutustuminen muihin koiriin on alkamassa ja

seura näyttää kelpaavan pikkuisille.

Kaikki pennut ovat hyvin aktiivisia,

joten vauhtia ja menoa alkaa jo olemaan!






Cherry pup 4




Guess what we have....




Check out the litters page!




Puppy Show Sweden



Dantalian's First Line "Doris"

from Pigna's first litter

started her show career

with the most wonderfull results

by taking BOB-puppy !!


Congratulations Maite and Doris,

keep up the excellent work you are doing!!



Maite and Doris in action...




Lahti FCI 1 Show 17.1.2010


Cardigan P. Pigna Dantalian was at her first show

after the puppies and she took what we hoped she would!


Pigna Dantalian was BB-1, BOS with CC!!





Finnish Winner 12.12.2009



Noasson was BM-3 at Finnish Winner Show!





Herning, Tanska

Double International Show

7.11.2009 and 8.11.2009


On 7.11.2009 Noasson was BM-3

On 8.11.2009 Noasson was BM-4 with CC

and Danish Champion Title!


On 7.11.2009 Uszaki Muumimamma got res-CACIB




 FIN & S & DK & Nordic Countries Champion

Zandrina's Noasson Dantalian


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