Wellcome to our gallery!



During 2010 I have been handling
some boxers of my dear friend,
Maarit Halkomäki kennel Cocoon's.

Here we are at Kouvola national show
at breeder group judging.

On 4th of August 2010 we invited all our puppy owners from the latest bernese
litter to a puppy meeting.
We took a long nice walk in the woods and
had some picnic afterwards.

Thank you everybody for coming!!

Karesinda's Qiralman Dantalian

with his sister

Halesbern Scandi Dantalian


Zandrina's Hedda and

Lad's Primavera


summer -07

Zandrina's Hedda



Dantalian's Ura Star

Zandrina's Hedda,

Zandrina's Noasson Dantalian

and our cardigan Pirtek Qualita di Vita

on show trip to northern Norway!


Scandi's sister

Halesbern La Diva

Scandi's great grandfather

Coliburn Napoleon

at Halesbern



 Scandi's grandmother

Halesbern Extra Special



Scandi's great grandfather

Newkasbern's Appollo

of Halesbern


Scandi's grandfather

Halesbern Paddy's Pride




Three wonderfull generations,

Scandi's mother, grandmother

and great grandmother


Halesbern Penny Lane,

Halesbern Extra Special,

Newkasbern's Little Dove



Mother and sisters of

Karesinda's Qiralman Dantalian.

From left, mother Layza

and sisters Dayla and Clärli.



   Zandrina's Omar Sharif

Noasson's great grandfather

SWE & Norwegian CH, Nordic Countries Winner -99
Lad's Ulrik



Noassson's grandfather

SWE CH, Swedish Winner -99
Zandrina's Omar Sharif



Noasson's grandmother

INT & SWE & Norwegian CH

SWE Winner -97

Lad's Lady Be Good




Words can't express what you all ment to us.


Here are a few of our dearest.


We love you all.


C.C Capwell av Hiselfoss

import from Norway



Lad's Primavera

import from Sweden

Duntiblae Star Appeal

import from England



Zandrina's Lina

import from Sweden

Duntiblae Midnite Music

import from England



Lad's Vilja

import from Sweden

Lallalie's Ölmo

import from Sweden



Dantalian's Saffra

Dantalian's Tribute Tosvera


V'Dantalian Vanya

av Hiselfoss

import from Norway


Zandrina's Elvira Jackson

import from Sweden

Zandrina's Hedda
import from Sweden