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and Havel

Antti Heiskala

The Finnish Committee for the recognition of the GDR and Tarja Halonen

"Finland goofed up of her chance for a speech in Obama-summit" *

Antti Heiskala

It just came to my mind. That generally objectionable and inappropriate idea "that has no context". The idea, that is it really any wonder if Czech doesn't want to let president Tarja Halonen to speak. Anywhere.
If ít is in her power in any way, anyway.
Let´s think about that so inappropriate idea from the wiepoint of that Czech: Tarja Halonen was acting very keenly in the Finnish Committee for the recognition of the German Democratic Republic  ( GDR )  -  Das finnische Komitee zur Anerkennung der DDR  - DDR:n tunnustamiskomitea -  ( Die Deutsche Demokratische Republik -DDR )  
The object of the Finnish Committee for the recognition of the GDR was to force president Urho Kekkonen and the Finnish Government of that time behind the policy to recognize Halonen's "progressive" and "anti-facist" GDR - East Germany, but not the "reactionary" and "facist"  West Germany  ( Bundesrepublik Deutschland  ) at the same time.
It did not bother our present "human-rights-and-equality-president" that the progressive, anti-facist GDR shot her own citizens who tried to escape from that Eldorado, and spied on all of the citizens of  that president Halonen's beautiful anti-facist wonderland - effectively suffocating all the dissidents.

( Another "inappropriate" "question": "Why" don't they release the STASI -list,
make it public... )
-  All this makes me wonder, what might the Governmet of The Czech Republic think of  president Tarja Halonen? It surely makes me wonder what in the world might president Václav Havel think of Tarja Halonen?
By the way, the suffocating of dissidents feels quite familiar to me, concerning some topics, in the present day Finland, during the rule of the former President of SETA.**
Well, I have't been given a prison sentence yet, though, even if the friendly advise - given by the followers of our so "beloved" president - again strangely familiarly! - has been to put me to a mental hospital!  The method nerver seems to change.
Ah!  I almost forgot to mention, to ask, that what ever made us to elect for our president - sadly, even for the second term too - a person who has clearly showed us how incapable she is to see anywhere further than her own nose, in any task that she puts herself into. - Oh boy! - How I wish that Obama doesn't have to, ever -not even due to any diplomatic courtesy- to invite Tarja Halonen to the White House to bother him.

Václav Havel,
in a way different league

"During the first week of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, Havel provided a commentary on the events on Radio Free Czechoslovakia in Liberec. Following the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968 he was banned from the theatre and became more politically active. He was forced to take a job in a brewery, an experience he wrote about in his play Audience. This play, along with two other "Vaněk" plays (so-called because of the recurring character Ferdinand Vaněk, a stand in for Havel), became distributed in samizdat form across Czechoslovakia, and greatly added to Havel's reputation of being a leading revolutionary (several other Czech writers later wrote their own plays featuring Vaněk).[3] This reputation was cemented with the publication of the Charter 77 manifesto, written partially in response to the imprisonment of members of the Czech psychedelic band The Plastic People of the Universe.[4] He also co-founded the organization Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Persecuted in 1979. His political activities resulted in multiple stays in prison, the longest being four years, and also subjected him to constant government surveillance and harassment. His longest stay in prison, from June 1979 to January 1984, is documented in Letters to Olga, his late wife.

He was also famous for his essays, most particularly for his articulation of “Post-Totalitarianism” (Power of the Powerless), a term used to describe the modern social and political order that enabled people to "live within a lie." A passionate supporter of non-violent resistance, a role in which he has been compared, by former US President Bill Clinton, to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, he became a leading figure in the Velvet Revolution of 1989, the bloodless end to communism in Czechoslovakia."


not a man special,


Suomi sähläsi puheenvuoronsa Obama-huippukokouksessa

3.4.2009 23:01

Tarja Halonen ja Matti Vanhanen

Tarja Halonen ja Matti Vanhanen

Suomi on ilmeisesti menettänyt puheenvuoronsa sunnuntaina pidettävässä EU–USA-huippukokouksessa Prahassa, johon myös presidentti Barack Obama osallistuu.

Syynä on kahden lautasen politiikka. Presidentti Tarja Halonen ja pääministeri Matti Vanhanen (kesk) pyrkivät molemmat puhujiksi ja isäntämaa Tšekki poisti lopulta koko Suomen puhujalistalta, kun puhujalistalle oli muutoinkin mahdoton tunku.

Valmisteluja seurannut taho kertoi, että kahden puheen vaatimuksella oli vaikutusta listalta tippumiseen. Presidentin kansliassa asiaan ei uskottu. Asian yhteydessä valtioneuvoston ja presidentin kanslioiden välillä on ollut jännitettä.