America, Middle Class and the End of Growth

Some time ago I was reading the excellent essay by

Frederick Jackson Turner on - The Significance of the Frontier in American History

and after reading it I started thinking:

- well, then what is this – frontier that has shaped the American civilization so deeply?

and after a while it occurred to me that the frontier is actually that virgin land where enormous natural

resources are just waiting to be exploited to facilitate growth.

And as millions and millions of people moved into this space to exploit the seemingly endless resources,

growth eventually became exponential.

So Frontier is the space where exponential growth is possible.

Therefore, the question is really about The Significance of growth in American History.

America, the frontier is about growth.

Take the growth out of the equation and what is left?

America is facing a crisis now because for the first time in American history exponential growth is no longer


Borrowing money and getting deeper into debt was the last resort to expand the economic boundary, the

frontier, and maintain growth and now, finally, we are reaching a point when this is no longer possible.

Growth still haunts the collective psyche of the Americans.

This is in great deal due to the protestant and especially Calvinist heritage.

As Max Weber pointed, out Protestant sects were notorious for their emphasis on economic success as a

sign of God’s grace and the salvation of one’s soul. Those whom God had chosen for eternal life could be

recognized by their material advancement. Getting rich was almost perceived as the 11th. commandment.

And as the tired, poor and huddled masses escaped the destitution and hunger of Europe to America it is

no wonder that satisfying the individual’s material needs became the fundamental creed of the new

burgeoning nation.

I’ve often heard Finnish immigrants telling in interviews how USA is a great place because “you can make it

here” and undoubtedly they have fared far better in USA than they would have ever made it in Finland.

However I must strongly protest against this kind of thinking because after you have emigrated to the

United States you should consider it as a home and not a place of business. The merits of your country

should have nothing to do with your prospects for economic advancement.

And another thing.

Sometime ago I heard President Obama talking to distraught Americans about how to revive the economy

and create new jobs and I remember him using the expression “middle class jobs for middle class


Middle class this, middle class that …In America everyone always seems to be middle class.

I find this over emphasis on middle class quite strange.

It would seem that in America admitting that you are actually working class means admitting a grave social

failure in life.

This is a problem, however.

Because if you acknowledge that you are actually working class, you recognize that your social and

economic interests are in direct conflict with the capitalists – in this case Corporate America.

The middle class cannot and will not see this.

The middle class thinks it is already above the social struggle.

The middle class is confident, always going places, on its way up the social ladder.

The middle class is always more than willing to sacrifice the working class without realizing that its fate is

tied to the fate of the working class and that it will, eventually, join the working class in the bread queues.

The middle class pretends to be tolerant.

The middle class doesn’t think in racial terms because it believes it doesn’t have to.

The most destructive social force in any developed industrial society is the ill-founded optimism of the

selfish middle class.

The middle class – feeling confident about their upward social mobility - identifies with the rich.

Enterprising, business oriented people tend to think like the rich believing that they will be rich themselves

one day – it is the American way, after all.


Because most of us will never get rich.

Actually, it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain even the façade of respectable middle class existence.

The strength of the European societies is that we have working class parties and working class identities.

And no matter what the radical Marxists have fantasized or theorized, the working classes in Europe have

always been willing to fight and suffer defending their nations and national identity.

I think, what America needs now more than ever is a white, working class movement – emphasis on both

white and working class.

The second American revolution (or maybe the third since the second revolution was actually crushed in

1865) will have to be both:

a race war and a class war – you absolutely need them both – a revolution without both of these aspects

will only betray the revolutionaries in the end.

White working class Americans (formerly known as the middle class) must begin to defend their rights both

as a race and as a class.

White working class Americans must learn to understand that you cannot effectively defend your social and

economic interests without defending your ethnic, racial, interests as well.

White working class Americans must also learn that by solely concentrating on the racial issue they make

themselves stooges of Corporate America.

White Americans must stop chasing the shadow of the American dream and forsake the narrow middle

class perspective.

White Americans must learn to focus on love for their soil and for their racial kinfolk regardless of whether

there are any opportunities for material advancement.

The Poles and the Irish, for example, have had a particularly difficult history and I doubt that there has ever

been such thing as a Polish dream or an Irish dream, anything that can be compared to the American

dream. The Irish and the Poles have most likely only dreamed that their people and culture would survive

oppression, foreign occupation and poverty.

But have these tragic circumstances made the Irish or the Poles any less proud of their nation – far from it!

The more difficult the times, the more stubborn the Irish and the Poles got and their identity always


The French have been ruled by good kings and bad kings, by dictators and emperors. During its long history

France has been defeated, invaded and torn apart and yet in the eyes of the ordinary French – be they

farmers, workers, intellectuals, shopkeepers or aristocrats - France is eternal. France existed in a primordial

sense already when the painters of the Lascaux caves brushed the walls with red ochre for the first time

and it will exist long after us.

Russian history is full of misery and suffering and the lot of the Russian people, the peasantry, has often

been excruciating. And still, no matter how badly the Russian people have been treated by their own state,

Russia itself is a deeply spiritual experience for its people. Regardless of the circumstances it is always clear

that for the Russian people Russia comes first, without Russia there is nothing.

Now white Americans must also learn to think in terms of Blood and Soil, grow roots and start behaving

like an ancient race.

White Americans must forget all that nonsense about being a nation of immigrants – as long as you buy

that rubbish you give your elite a carte blanche for ethnic engineering, which in the end, as you know, only

aims at getting rid of you.

For far too long ethnicity has been perceived as the privilege of the minorities and white people have been

regarded as the bland wall paper against which the minorities blossom. White people must now reclaim

their ethnicity, but how can you reclaim an ethnicity if you don’t even think in ethnic terms?

The identity of a nation – in the deep organic sense of the word – is always based on the physical bond

between the people and their intimate relationship with the land. Political abstractions, in the end, are only

secondary. France existed already long before anyone had even uttered the words Liberte, Egalite,

Fraternite and undoubtedly will exist long after these words have fallen out of use or become corrupted

beyond comprehension.

And even as much as I appreciate the quintessentially American values such as freedom and democracy I

still have to say that I often find them more of a philosophical speculation when compared with the

physical bonds of blood and soil. Concepts such as freedom and democracy may, in time, degenerate into

empty clichés, which actually only work as a camouflage to hide the fact that people are no longer free and

have no say about how their country is run. But the land and the people are real – always.

“The chief business of the American people is business” is a dangerous maxim for it implies that we are not

talking about a nation – in the deep organic sense of the word – but a trading post.

The highest value should therefore always be given to the survival of your ethnic community, your racial kin

folk and maintaining the stewardship of the land so that you can, in time, pass it on to the next generation

of your own people.

In other words, the rugged individualists must now finally come together and form a truly national

community – in the deep organic sense of the word … let us call it the Volksgemeinschaft - or otherwise the

white people of America cannot survive.

One absolute requirement for the survival of the white people in America is that the American empire falls

apart. It should break up into smaller regional units with a strong ethnic, social and moral cohesion and a

political system which reflects the local needs and is truly accountable to the voters.

– In other words: nations in the deep organic sense of the word .

For it is an iron law of history that empires eventually turn against the people who created them. All

empires become corrupt as wealth and power begins to gravitate to an increasingly smaller circle of the

elite. Arrogant and isolated the elite treats the ordinary citizens of the empire as slaves and potential

enemies. By exploiting the power of the empire the elite becomes richer and richer. The elite is a

prostitute – the members of the elite sell their political influence over the empire to the highest bidder –

and eventually everything is for sale.

As the power of the empire grows the power of the elite grows with it and eventually the imperial elite can

wield global influence. As a result the elite distances itself increasingly from its racial kinfolk and adopts a

cosmopolitan identity. And when the empire reaches its zenith this metamorphosis is also complete – the

butterfly emerges out of the cocoon and the new brilliant cosmopolitan elite, aided by foreign and

domestic parasites declares a merciless social war against its own people.

Thus every empire is fundamentally flawed and its capital thoroughly corrupt. And you cannot fix this, for

you can never fix a decaying empire, the empire can only fall when the time comes.

You cannot fix the empire by sending good and honest men to the capital because the simple logic of the

system corrupts everyone along the way. This is not Mr. Smith goes to Washington – because you cannot

function within the system unless you prostitute yourself as well, you cannot bring integrity and honesty to

a system, which in reality, is actually a brothel.

If a seat in the congress costs a candidate tens of millions of dollars, how then could politics be anything

other than extension of business? And as more and more power gravitates in the capital the more vital it

becomes for the Corporate America to secure its interests by corrupting that seat of power.

The more accommodating to the needs of the capitalist class government becomes, the more power will be

vested into it - thus the vicious circle is ready.

So therefore it is clear: the empire and the system with it must go!

It is absolutely vital that we can make the distinction between a real nation – in the deep organic sense of

the word – and the empire because the empire and the nation can never be interchangeable. Empire can

never create a nation – only a mockery, a caricature version of a nation – and all the pomp and pageantry

and imposing buildings are there only to hide this fact. An enterprising and aggressive nation can create an

empire but once the empire is built it turns against the nation that built it.

Empires do not create nations. Empires corrupt, degenerate and pervert nations. All empires end their days

ethnically hollow.

The worst enemy of any empire is its own citizens challenging the power of the imperial elite. Therefore a

dying empire and its fearful elite is always willing to resort to massive violence against the citizens of the

empire in order to turn them into slaves.

Americans have always fought to retain their personal freedom against government intrusion but in doing

so become slaves of capitalism – in this case Corporate America. Ironically enough, as Corporate America

found government and the law enforcement system to be a useful tool to impose its will on the American

people, their powers have been growing ever since.

The government is weak only in relation to Corporate America but when it comes to ordinary white folks

the government has become absolutely totalitarian.

When Corporate America wanted total freedom for itself it perceived government as an enemy and

wanted it to be weak (the middle class supported this wholeheartedly). When Corporate America wanted

to enslave ordinary Americans it realized that government was a useful tool in this and therefore

Corporate America started to support big government (this the middle class didn’t quite get).

You often hear people say that no-one wants big government to regulate the lives of ordinary Americans,

but when this is done slyly and covertly and through intermediaries by Corporate America, people don’t

seem to notice it or care.

You often hear people say that if big government regulates business – code word for Corporate America –

this will eventually lead to a disaster but when it turns out that it is actually Corporate America that

regulates big government people fail to see the impending disaster.

People demand freedom for the market – again a code word for Corporate America – believing that their

personal freedom depends on it as well. But when the power of the corporations is then unleashed, the

rights of the individual citizen will have to take the back seat.

Why then is the middle class, in its quest for freedom, so bitterly betrayed by Corporate America?

Firstly, the middle class confuses the freedom of corporations with the personal freedom of the individual.

Secondly, the middle class fails to understand that Corporate America, in the end, doesn’t even want the

free markets but the exact opposite – it seeks to control the market and the individual consumer.

Any company operating in the open market welcomes the opportunities brought by the free and rational

exchange of products, services and capital. However, what every company ultimately seeks is to eradicate

competition in order to monopolize and control the market and in this way to maximize the profit margin.

Those who say they welcome the competition are simply lying. For the capitalist too much is always at

stake to be left solely to the whims of the market, therefore political leverage is needed to protect the

invested capital.

Eventually, all capitalists want to become feudal masters – to control the market and the consumers

without restraint, in short - to abolish the free market. Feudalism is the highest form of capitalism and it is

the result of business and government merging completely -a telltale sign of this development is the end of

social mobility.

Corporate America and big government go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other, because

this is the very idea of the empire.

As a result of all this - freedom has become an illusion and as long as white Americans believe in that

illusion they get screwed.

Too often freedom means freedom to be poor, freedom to go hungry, freedom to be without a proper job,

freedom to be without a decent home – but still it would seem to an outsider, at least, that as long as

Americans also have the freedom to dream, freedom to be optimistic and freedom to be confident they will

settle for it.

You cannot help thinking that sometimes the illusion of freedom is the cruelest slave driver.

I know that as an outsider I really shouldn’t try to analyze America but since the American civilization has

such an immense influence on the modern world I felt compelled to at least give it a try. And I have a

feeling that white people in America should also pay some attention to these matters - now as growth is

over and with its passing has closed the second period of American history.