Aquilon, the Quotations

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The nation is built on blood and myths. Blood is the physical aspect of the nation and myths the spiritual aspect. We need them both.

Kungsbacka, Sweden December 1993


Our task is to turn myths into concrete reality. Myths will guide us, myths are the very stuff the national philosophy is made of. We need a myth, a powerful story, the greatest story ever told through which we will shape the mind of the masses.

Varberg, Sweden December 1993


The people have an intuitive understanding for the importance of myths. The people sense their powerful immaterial forces and how they bind individuals together as a nation. No wonder intellectuals who despise the people also look down upon myths.

Falkenberg, Sweden December 1993


The ordinary man of the street is guided through his life above all else by the myths embedded in the collective consciousness. Take away the myths and he has nothing, he is lost without a direction. A sterile, theoretical and speculative philosophy cooked up by shady intellectuals has nothing to offer to the people.

Halmstad, Sweden December 1993


... ours is a matter of heart, not reason. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. It is enough that you have your heart in the right place, work hard and love your people. No wonder the pharisees and intellectuals hate us.

Helsingborg, Sweden December 1993



I cannot stress enough the importance of neighbourhoods in the nationalist revolutionary struggle. Neighbourhoods are organic communities were people know each other and trust each other, share common goals and values. While society at large is multi racial and multicultural, the neighbourhoods stubbornly remain ethnically pure . While society at large is torn apart by the the forces of capitalism and plagued by the spiritually impotent liberalism the social and ethnic cohesion of the neighbourhoods will make them the refuge of the national spirit.

Esbjerg, Denmark January 1994


The society can be, and nowadays often is, multi cultural but the community never.

Rostock, Germany February 1994


The Party must concentrate its work on the neighbourhoods. A neighbourhood with a well functioning Party chapter and people relying on the Party is worth more than a seat in the parliament.

Cottbus, Germany February 1994


Don't try to rush to parliament -- in the worst case you may even get there and then what ? You can't improve people's life in the parliament, you can't change the system in the parliament. Your work will be done in the neighbourhoods. Let the system take its course, work with the people and one day you will see that this is the right way.

Magdeburg, Germany February 1994


The worst case is that you start giving people big speeches and false promises and then accidentally you get a few seats in the parliament. Suddenly you are just another opposition party, a bag of hot air and no credibility. You will be trapped in parliament, unable to bring about any tangible changes but with a lot of excuses for the voters why things didn't go the way you had promised.

Wittenberge, Germany February 1994


We are and we must be an open and public conspiracy to topple the system.

Göttingen, Germany April 1994


Don't confuse us with political parties for there is nothing political about us -- we are a spiritual movement, we are a religion.

Kassel, Germany April 1994


The Party is the resurrection of the race

Emden, Germany April 1994


Accept the fury, let the hatred guide you, find the beast in you. Break your shackles and burn the bridges behind you. Nothing good will ever come out of you before you know who you truly are.

Utrecht, Holland May 1994


Don't listen to old wives tales and babblings of feeble men. Be fanatic, study cruelty, learn to hate more.

Eindhoven, Holland May 1994


From the very beginning it was absolutely clear that the only way to unite the European nation was through hatred and fear towards the invading masses of the third world. Only by facing a common enemy and possible extinction could the Europeans find each other as brothers and sisters of the same tribe.

Nijmegen, Holland May 1994


Luckily we have an enemy, a mortal enemy, if that was not the case we should create one.

Arnhem, Holland May1994


We have seven ancestral mothers, imagine, the whole race has seven ancestral mothers... I see god's great design in this.

Moscow, Russia July 1994

If the troubles of modern Europe were only economical and political in nature, we would surely lose. But there is an element that our enemies fail to grasp in full -- the rage of the masses fighting for their right to excist as a nation. To understand the severity of this phenomenon it would require our elite to finally open its eyes to the harsh realities of life and in process give up the naive illusions it harbors...

... Luckily for us the elite is unable to do it.

Limoges, France August 1994


The greatest propaganda work for us is done by the youth gangs from the third world running amock in our streets. They will drive people to us and all we have to do is to open our arms... I almost hope there were more of them.

Rennes, France August 1994


It is imperative that we let the liberals commit their crimes against the nation. The more the liberals can sabotage the society the easier things will be for us. Without the liberals and their madness there would be no need for us.

Dijon, France August 1994


Liberals and social democrats... rarely have seen more naive people and more out of touch with reality than these. If we play our cards right they will hand the power to us on a silver plate.

... Liberals and social democrats, a curious combination of cleverness and utter stupidity. As opportunists climbing their way up in the system they excell in shrewdness but as opportunists they are also tied to the system to such an extent that when everything starts to fall apart the liberals and social democrats are still happily unaware of things to come.

Vichy, France August 1994


Curiously enough both the liberals and the ultra radical left deviation of the socialist movement are actually very similar. Both want to suppress the traditional, ethnic identity of the people. The liberals want to turn people into mechanical machines of consumption. Products must be sold across the planet at a maximum speed and efficiency. This requires that people will be alike, planet wide. McDonalds people will share the same McDonalds culture and whether they be eskimos or aborigines they will buy McDonalds products...

... The ultra radical left deviation on the other hand wants to force people to adopt a sterile, purely theoretical and speculative political class identity...

... these are the enemies of the people...

Brest, France August 1994


The capitalists and liberals are opening the flood gates for the tidal wave of aliens to come in. We will reap the benefits.

Nancy, France August 1994


Time and time again I have heard how the Europeans can't have children anymore, how the Europeans can't start families anymore, how the Europeans have become sterile, impotent and lazy. Lies, lies, these are shameless lies to cover the deliberate genocide of the European people by its ruling elite.

...The elite has openly declared death sentence to the European Nation and it also has sworn to completely and irreversably change the makeup of the population in Europe. We will in return declare death sentence to the elite and its lackeys.

Valladolid, Spain September 1994


This war will be the decisive push of the Europeans to reclaim their place in the world. We are fed up with being the scape goats of the world, we are tired of being blamed for our achievements and we are sick and tired of yielding to every possible demand by non-europeans simply because we are supposed to carry the collective white man's guilt AD INFINITUM.

Tarragona, Spain September 1994


The audacity... they openly declare that they want to bring over a hundred million immigrants to Europe in one generation change the whole population of Europe... in one generation...and they think they can get away with it too... what madness.

Oviedo, Spain September 1994


We need to become an army. We will start with clubs, knives and broken bottles but we will end with guns, tanks and machine guns.

Wolverhampton, Great Britain December 1994


Base areas must be turned into centers of military production. This is war, a war of attrition, a war of total destruction and we cannot win unless we have our own industrial production of weaponry.

Bradford, Great Britain December 1994


The ultra radical left deviationists have openly declared that they will always and unconditionally take side with foreign hordes that are spreading into our streets and towns. This means that the ultra radical left deviation has in effect declared war on the European Nation and aims at hurting our people whenever it is possible.

Dudley, Great Britain December 1994


This war will be the climax of our history. This war of national liberation and survival will weld us Europeans together.

Northampton, Great Britain December 1994



If we take a closer look, it becomes very clear that the ultra radical left deviation is motivated by perverted hatred and malice towards their own people... at the same time they talk about revolution --- revolution, but by and for whom? How can you start a revolution if you hate and despise your own people and want to hurt them?

...this is the reason for the downfall of the ultra radical left devialtion it will never get support from the people...our people do not want to commit a national suicide and the left deviation should know it...

... where will the left deviation go, where will it draw support from if the people turn their backs at it...? Who will it go to...?

...the murdering masses infiltrating our borders at this very moment...

Arvika, Sweden February 1995


As I have already demonstrated to you, the liberal-capitalist block has set out to wreck the ethnic structure of Europe and change the population of this continent within one generation. But such is the case with the ultra radical left deviation too. Since it is very apparent that the people of Europe won't accept the designs the left deviation has in store for them, the left deviation can only place its hope on the possibility that the population of Europe will be changed in the near future.

... The ultra radical left deviation calculates that it will use the brute force of the murdering masses of immigrants against the weakened Europeans...unfortunately, owing to the efforts of our liberal-capitalist elite this strategy appears to be feasible... at least at the moment.

Leksand, Sweden February 1995


We are the children of the Great Northern Light, a race that has existed for over 40 000 years. How can anyone think that we would vanish from the face of the earth overnight ? How dare anyone ask us to relinquish this sacred soil to strangers and accept being cast into oblivion ? How dare anyone expect us to embrace our own down fall so that our achivements and those of our forefathers would be spoils of war for usurpers and thieves.

Karlskoga, Sweden February 1995


The harbingers of ill will are among us, find them, destroy them and you shall be free.

Fagernes, Norway March 1995


This soil, this sacred soil from which generation after generation has grown ever since the icy crown of the earth was lifted 40 000 years ago and this continent was revealed to our ancestors... a haunting dream, a whisper by the campfires, a promise in the fleeting wind came into being and the forefathers of our race claimed their inheritance.

Stavanger, Norway March 1995


... and after 40 000 years we should give up this land, our soul... never I say never... let there be war before that... a war of total destruction...

Bergen, Norway March 1995


For over a thousand generations our people have lived of this land, over a thousand generations of people have grown out of this land, physically come into being by the riches of this hallowed ground. For over a thousand generations this sacred soil has nurtured and provided our people. We are one with this soil for every ounce of our flesh and blood comes from this soil, there is nothing in us that is alien or hostile to it...

... and when our life comes to an end, we will return to this land like a traveller who returns home...

... and all this we should give away at the drop of a hat since we are being told so by our morally corrupt elite...

Trondheim, Norway March 1995


Our enemies do not know what kind of powers they are dealing with and that is why they are about to unleash beasts whose existence the world so dearly would like to forget.

Piacenza, Italy June 1995

You are the national working class, the iron fist of our revolution. Without you there would be no revolutionary production, without you there would be no revolutionary army and without you there would be no victory for the national revolution... will be the new aristocracy, the very soul of our socialist nation...

...your iron determination will be the highest law and anyone who dares to resist you will be crushed.

Cremona, Italy June 1995


After the revolution has triumphed there will be only one class left in our society, the national working class!

Nantes, France August 1995


Gangs of uprooted criminals invading our streets, looting our stores, robbing our people abusing our welfare system and liberals wailing and blaming racism for everything -- things just couldn't be better.

Toulouse, France August 1995

When we started our work promising we would fight for a just Europe where all native Europeans would be respected ,we were laughed at. When we demanded that there should be a job and a home for every native European, we were called obsolete. When we demanded that there should be an adequate social security for every native European, we were booed and hissed at and it was said we are wrecking the economy. When we demanded that every native European should feel safe in their own continent, we were called racists and we were told that this corner of the world was not ours in the first place...

... yet the massive support of the people has clearly shown that these comedians were quite out of touch with the reality and in the end had nothing to offer to people...

... it was easy to laugh at us, but when people asked these jokers what they have to offer instead, all they had in store was lame excuses and the same old liberal lip service...

Birmingham, Great Britain September 1995


You must personally acquaint yourself with every single person in your neighbourhood. Without strong personal relationships a million propaganda posters and a million adds in the papers will mean nothing…

… Try not to be a bunch of pompous assholes. Your job is to be with the people and to be one with the people and if you can’t do that, all the great wisdom you may posses will be squandered…

…You may know everything , but if the people do not listen to you, all your knowledge will be useless

Southampton, Great Britain September 1995


Learn to know the people and let the people learn to know you. People trust those whom they know. Remember that your enemy, the ultra radical left deviation doesn’t understand the psychological dynamics of natural communities…

… The ultra radical left deviation has the illusion of the neighbourhoods as multicultural and multiracial base areas for the revolution of national denial of the Europeans…

…In the end the ultra radical left deviation will have to wage open war against the neighbourhoods in order to ensure the rampant influx of immigrants…

… In the end the ultra radical left deviation will have to use terror against the ordinary people in order to turn the neighbourhoods as concentration camps of forced multiracialism.

Leeds, Great Britain September 1995


We want to live with our own kind. Those who are unwilling to accept it will be bitterly disappointed and those who try to force us to change will perish.

Middlesbrough, Great Britain September 1995


It is as simple as this: Either the intellectuals serve the people or they will perish.

Hull, Great Britain September 1995


Art must reflect the concrete reality of the everyday life of the national working class…

… Art must support the class struggle waged by the national working class…

… All art that does not meet these specifications will come to an end.

Bristol, Great Britain September 1995


You have no idea of the lengths we are willing to go in order to make sure that the artists and intellectuals know their place and play their part as the nation is fighting for its survival…We are prepared to do whatever is needed to crush their intellectual hubris…

Birmingham, Great Britain September 1995


Down with the hubris of the intellectuals !!! The people will teach the artists and intellectuals and not the other way around.

Glasgow, Scotland October 1995


This is not a popularity contest on who is going to get most positive publicity in the media. The media will hate us from the very beginning, but it does not matter as long as the people know who we are. And the people will know us if we go to people, to carefully selected neighbourhoods and learn to know personally as many people as possible. Through networks of personal relationships we will overcome the power of the hostile media.

Bristol, Great Britain October 1995


Remember, that our strength is in that we respect the people and their identity unlike the liberal-capitalist block and the ultra radical left deviation we are not trying to shove any new and artificial identity down their throats.

Norwich, Great Britain October 1995


Do not be afraid for you’ll never be alone. All those generations that have lived here before you will watch your every step and the countless generations that will come after you wait for their turn and expect you to do your duty…

…Past and present live in you. You are the climax of millions of years of evolution of our species and yet in the millennia to come, your blood will bear fruit of such splendor that we present generations are unable to comprehend or even imagine…

… You are a link in a chain that reaches across time and space, from the infinite past to eternity…a golden chain of souls…

… this chain must never be broken …

Ipswich, Great Britain October 1995


A wreckage of humanity set adrift by the tidal waves of international capitalism has washed up on our shores… the new Europeans? And we are supposed to die out to make room for these… new Europeans…

Karlskrona, Sweden November 1995


The fashion of the day, the latest intellectual fad of the elite calls for our ethnic suicide…

… Well, we have seen intellectuals coming and going, always busy making a spectacle of themselves, always flocking after the "latest truth"but the race will be here long after the mountains have been reduced into valleys and plateaus have grown into mountain ranges.

Kalmar, Sweden November 1995


Art and cultural life must be mobilized in the service of the national working class… all elements that are alien to the national working class or are in opposition to the needs of the national working class will be terminated.

Karlstad, Sweden November 1995


In the hours of this magical night we will celebrate the wonder of unity, this Being Together. There are no rich or poor, old or young, wise or fool among us for we are ONE. Everyone is important, everyone is needed and no-one is ever alone…

…The race has gathered here under the stars to celebrate its eternal life.

Mariestad, Sweden November 1995


This is the revolution of primal instincts. Our subconscious is thirsty for blood, the animal is crying, the rage takes over…

… we will set the world on fire…

Växsjö, Sweden November 1995


We are the nightmare of the infantile liberals…

… We are the dark side of man…

Stockholm, Sweden November 1995


Farewell to reason, welcome exaltation.

Kolding, Denmark December 1995



Young men, defenders of the race! When the darkness sets in, run into the forests, run with the wolves, learn to know that same beast in you, let it break free, cut all ties, forsake civilization, be free in order to rule…

…Denounce the false conventions that have castrated your spirit…

Flensburg, Germany February 1996


We must celebrate life and the eternal cycle of nature. There is no death, for we will return in the elements of the land and nature again and again as trees, plants, birds, animals… and men.

Rostock, Germany February 1996


…The same substance of life goes through us all… bees and mountains, men and water falls… the same substance of life goes through us all … Even the dust in the wind carries memories of the past generations.

… We are one with this land and they dare to say that we should give it away…

… If we lose this land, if we give it away, we will be cast into oblivion and the sacred bond between soil and blood will be broken. We will excist no more.

… without land there is nothing left but death and we refuse to die.

Schleswig, Germany February 1996


An invidual is transitory, but the race is eternal. As members of the race we are immortal.

Genoa, Italy June 1996


Heaven knows where the social, spiritual and physical evolution of man will take him…

… in the millions of years to come…a breed of gods ?…who is to say…

Florence, Italy June 1996


The nation is much more than just a bunch of people carrying around the same passport… … there are even some who have lived among us for centuries and yet they do not belong to the nation…

… It is so fashionable nowadays to say that anyone who has just crept across the border suddenly becomes an Englishman, a Frenchman, a Swede …

… these shallow people, these spineless opportunists haven’t yet grasped the true nature of the nation… its awesome totality…

Genoa, Italy August 1996


Let the flow of oil end, let the cities go dark, let there be chaos and anarchy – then we will see who is laughing…

Turin, Italy August 1996


When the sun is shining and everything is nice and dandy the liberals are strong, but when the struggle begins over the basic necessities of life the liberals shrink. When everything collapses -- as it is going to happen very soon—it becomes so painfully clear what a daydream liberalism really is…

Rome, Italy August 1996


Inside every liberal lurks the beast. All we have to do is to find a way to lure it out and take over…

Sevilla, Spain January 1997


Our revolution is the revolution of fundamental truths; survival and extinction, food and territory and procreation. This is something the liberals can never understand or accept… in the future you will see that he liberals have no choice but to live in denial…until the end.

Valencia, Spain January 1997



The greatest question of our time is – what is the nature of man ? The answer to this question will be the most defining factor shaping our future.

Madrid, Spain January 1997


You have to see our revolution in a biological context. We are basically a pack of wolves defending its territory and cubs… a pack of wolves fighting for its survival, defending its right to exist.

… Man is a social animal just like ants or bees or wolves. All have their living space, which they defend to the very end.

… You see struggle in nature… the natural resources are always scarce, for life tends to expand more than the resources would yield. This results in struggle. Expanding populations try to take over more territory and thus more resources at the expence of those populations which can’t expand and are also unable to defend their current foothold.

… Without territory a population is doomed…

… The time is turning against us. Our population is not expanding anymore and our elites have already opened the floodgates for the population surplus of the third world to rush in.

Bergamo, Italy February 1997


At the very beginning of time, in the paleolithic age the Europeans were ethnically united but that was lost in the passing of millennia.

Trento, Italy February 1997


Europeans have spent most of their history in a constant feud against each other… wars and murderous destruction have shaped European history… unfortunately Europeans haven’t known anything better than attacking and subduing their neighbours who actually are their kinfolk.

Verona, Italy February 1997


Family feuds are often the worst and when you think of the European history this holds true.

Graz, Austria May 1997


Outside threats have never brought any substantial unity among Europeans. Arabic, Mongol and Turkish invasions were met with different variations of discord as every player was trying to secure their own positions even in the face of imminent destruction…

… that was, of course, until now…

Vienna, Austria May 1997


… The age of imperialism brought Europeans into contact with people and cultures of world to an unprecedented extent. The age of imperialism also opened the eyes of the Europeans to see how special our civilisation is when compared with the rest of the world…

Linz, Austria May 1997


…Unfortunately the lessons of the age of imperialism were almost completely lost as the race for Africa and Asia only intensified the competition and hatred between the Europeans.

Vicenza, Italy June 1997


The age of imperialism is now over, but oddly enough the Europeans are being invaded by their former subjects.

Ingolstadt, Germany June 1997


I have sometimes said that the Europeans have spent most part of their history fighting against each other. But it is good to remember that the paleolithic age lasted 30 000 years and ethnic differentiation and the ensuing constant civil war in Europe has lasted "only" about 10 000 years, so there is definitely still hope.

Prague, Czech Republic July 1997


Of course one way of looking at the bloody European history and the breathtaking waste of human resources is that this endless war, this constant murderous struggle is the greatest sole reason behind the exceptional dynamism in the European history…

Brno, Czech Republic July 1997

The constant war hardened the Europeans. 10 000 years of inner conflict trained Europeans for aggression and expansion, the European nations were slim and agile predators, fit for conquest. It was a hard school but when the moment struck its lessons were applied to the full. The stunning success in the age of imperialism was the direct result of the 10 000 years of inner conflict, the Europeans were finally let loose in the chicken coop of the world.

Rijeka, Croatia July 1997


…And yet our success almost destroyed us. The European fratricide finally reached a level that nearly wiped us out from the face of the earth. And worst thing was that achievements of the age of imperialism were completely lost. And now we are being invaded by those over whom we used to rule.

Salzburg, Austria July 1997


…For millennia Europe has been torn by the struggle between numerous centers of power, great and small, trying to overcome one another…

… In the passing of time tribes and tribal grounds were transformed into principalities and principalities into national states. Along with this development the struggle never ceased, on the contrary it only intensified. The hatred grew stronger…

… the positive side of this development was that people learned to understand the importance of larger entities. People learned to raise the focus of their affection from the family or clan level to the tribal level, from the tribal level to the level of the pre- industrial feudal state and finally to the level of the national state…

… Finally we have reached a point when we can assume that people may raise the focus of their affection to the level of the race itself. The day is coming when Europeans will experience the bond of common ancestry as strongly as they have so far experienced the bond of nationality…

… The day is coming when Europeans will truly feel at home in the presence of their physical and cultural kinfolk. The day when Europeans can finally say that their race is their nation.

Bayreuth, Germany October 1997


The development from local patriotism to nationalism and finally to a Pan European racial and cultural nationalism can be seen part of the overall scientific, industrial and social development in Europe. The base for our spiritual evolution lies in the development of material forces in history…

… We are dealing with such profound forces now that we can rest assured that a couple of Hollywood movies and a Benetton poster campaign can’t turn the tide.

Nurnberg, Germany October 1997


The wheels of history have been turning slowly and so far we have not seen that everything has had a reason. This process that can be compared with tectonic movements of the earth’s crust has been going on for 10 000 years, a slow recovery to regain the unity of our race. The times have changed and the ethnic unity of the European nation of the paleolithic age cannot be regained as such, but the wounds will heal and the material forces in history will give us a new time of unity and this time it will be forever.

Sankt Gallen, Switzerland November 1997



In the end as the artificial liberal-capitalist world of shallowness and consumption has disappeared the truth will finally come out and blood will return to blood.

Poznan, Poland January 1998


Make no mistake, we are not trying to say that the national state is obsolete or that the idea of the nation whether it be Swedish, German, French, Polish etc. is out of date. No such thing!

… We are simply maintaining that this madness of petty squabble fueled by an aggressive, uncivilized petty nationalism must come to an end. Europeans are facing extincion and there is no time to dwell in the past and to go over and over again the wrongs of the past…

Warsaw, Poland January 1998


The strength of Europe has always been in its diversity. The diversity I have in mind is of course of a native European kind and not the artificial mock diversity fed to us by the capitalists, the bureaucrats of the European Union and the Benetton commercials…

… We will embrace the native European diversity.

Kraków, Poland January 1998


In the new Europe the invidual character of each nationality will be protected by common efforts. I say that we have utterly failed if there is even a one single ethnic group among us that feels that its language, culture or special character is under threat or in danger to vanish. That would be totally unacceptable…

… With this I mean of course the native European ethnic groups…

Gdánsk, Poland January 1998


The national revolution in Europe means exactly what it says. The revolution of the European nations for their right to exist.

Budapest, Hungary February 1998


Let me make one thing chrystal clear: There will never be a Europe according to Benetton.

Esztergom, Hungary February 1998


The idea of the European nation does not mean that there should be only one nationality, only one culture and only one language.

Szeged, Hungary February 1998


We have before us a gigantic task, the re-industrialization of Europe.

… We must cut all ties to the global economy, we must become self-sufficient once again.

Stavanger, Norway May 1998


I give you my word of honour that after we have taken over not even a needle or a pin will be imported to Europe from the sweatshops of the third world.

Kristiansand, Norway May 1998


We will re-industrialize Europe. All industry that has been lost into the third world will be brought back to Europe again…this means work for the unemployed, homes for the homeless and tax revenues for the state…

We will re-vitalize Europe. New forms of production will make us stronger than ever before.

Oslo, Norway May 1998


It has often been said that since production and capital can move easily across the world in a blink of an eye our economic policy wouldn’t work. The capitalists would nevertheless take their factories into countries with low production costs and we couldn’t stop them…

…True, if a capitalist wants to build a factory, to, say – Antarctica – and he has the money to do so, there really is nothing we can do about it. But the question is not who controls the production but who controls the markets. And once we have Europe under our sway the capitalist is helpless. He may have his factories in the jungles of Amazon or he may be using african slave labor in the heights of the Andes producing everything imaginable for a tuppence but what good does it do to him, if he can’t sell his contraptions to us…

…How do you think it affects the value of his fortune if his ships are constantly turned back from our ports…

… Remember that the capitalists get their money from us and when we close the European markets before their noses they are doomed.

Lillehammar, Norway May 1998


When we gave our promise to the European working class, that one day there would be work for every native European with a decent wage and proper working conditions, we were laughed at. When we promised that one day every single European worker could rest assured that their future would be safe and they would be taken care of in their old age, it was said that we are insane. When we vowed that one day the national European working class would get back its pride and self esteem and that it would stand tall before the powers of the world, we were cursed. And when we said than one day the European working class can once again call Europe their home and feel safe anywhere, at any time, we were prosecuted. Nevertheless, these are the promises we intend to keep regardless of how many enemies we have to crush in the process.

Uddevalla, Sweden July 1998


I’ve often been asked by the "experts" to join debates on economy, their idea being of course to expose my alleged ignorance on these highly complex matters of modern economics…

… What these pharisees fail to grasp is that when we debate on economy we debate with steel…

Falköping, Sweden July 1998


… It has become self evident that the natural resources of our planet are running scarce as the industrialization is spreading in to the developing countries. These countries are also witnessing an unprecedented population explosion which seems to have gone totally out of control…

… Whoever holds the fate of Europe in his hands must be prepared to do everything in his power to make sure that Europe will receive her fair share of the world’s natural resources… and more.

Leeds, Great Britain August 1998


… Re-industrialization is not enough after all… we need to re-militarize the whole continent once again… this is a matter of life and death.

Blackpool, Great Britain August 1998


We will mobilize Europe for war… the race for the world’s natural resources will become ever more vicious… only a total idiot would think that this mobilization is possible with an open economy.

Calais, France August 1998



I order to survive, Europe must be able to control areas outside her borders – and soon she will.

Cadiz, Spain January 1999


Imagine what would happen if one day Europeans would use all the energy,skills and bravery they have so far wasted in fighting against each other, for a common struggle against a common enemy…

… We must turn this wishful thinking, this play of imagination into a concrete reality.

… this is the greatest task of the Party

Barcelona, Spain January 1999


The Great Synthesis… Under the attacks of infiltrating, murderous masses of outsiders, the Europeans are being hammered together into one terrible force of destruction.

Córdoba, Spain January 1999


There are no moral aspects in this matter… we will do what has to be done…our justification is brute force…

Seville, Spain January 1999


Can you honestly say… that you did not expect this to come…did it not occur to you even in your the most hellish nightmares…

…Do you really mean that you were so blind that you could not fathom anything like this…

Helsinki, Finland February 1999


The Party Youth is the sword and shield of the nation, the manifestation of its unyielding will.

Bremen, Germany April 1999


In our streets the wolf packs of the Party Youth prey on the enemies of the people. Young predators of the Party ready to tear apart anyone who dares to raise his hand against the sacred European nation.

Hannover, Germany April 1999


Go, hunt them down, let out their blood, burn their houses, spare no one. If you are weak, everything will be lost, if you show compassion the very hands that you should cut will strangle you… no mercy…ever.

Duisburg, Germany April 1999


Little, insignificant and mundane people will try to tie you down, they will try to cut your wings and make you forget who you are. Weak, spineless liberals without a soul want to yoke an eagle, turn a wolf into a harmless pet… the dirty, greedy little hands of your inferiors try to reach you in order to smother you…

… don’t let it happen, fight back, let the rage take over.

Jena, Germany April 1999


Those people see something they can never have…the blinding light of the northern soul…

… it scares them for they have no way of understanding it… the white penetrating fire…they sense that it is dangerous…the purity of the flames… these creatures hate everything that is pure and they want to soil it…

… but how can they kill this light, how can they corrupt purity ? …By attacking those who are embraced by this sacred aura.

Wiesbaden, Germany April 1999


The Party Youth will lead the way, for if anyone holds the keys to our future it is you. You are the future.

Bonn, Germany April 1999


This has happened in the course of history and evolution again and again. Young men leave their families and join communities of warriors to hunt and wage war…young men risking and often sacrificing their lives for the tribe

Stuttgart, Germany April 1999


This war is the call of the wild in you, you will simply do what the millions of years of merciless evolution have coded in your genetic makeup. How could the liberals ever understand or accept this? That is why they will drown.

Berlin, Germany April 1999


You will hear the whisper of millions of forefathers and males ever since the primordial slime… you are the products of struggle… only our unnatural time and the forces of mediocracity can keep this knowledge from you.

Reims, France September 1999


You have been lured to relinquish your powers, now take them back.

Dieppe, France September 1999


In this war you will take your place as leaders and elders of the European tribe.

Caen, France September 1999


…young gods of destruction, go now and do your worst. Turn the day into a night…

Brussels, Belgium September 1999



…during the recent weeks and months there has been an unprecedented raise in the number of attacks against the base areas of the national revolution. Our people have been forced to survive under extreme conditions day by day. We have seen how the liberal media celebrates these atrocities commited by immigrant youths and their faithful allies, the thugs of the ultra radical left deviation…

… the liberal media claims that every murder, every rape, every act of arson or robbery is justifed or can be understood because of our racism and hostile attitude towards these "New Europeans"…

… the liberal media predicts that these constant attacks against us will pave a way for a new Europe where history, tradition and affection for one’s country are mere things of the past…

… the liberal media touts the New Europe as a gypsy camp…

… the liberal media now triumphantly declares that the days of the nationalists are over and that we are tired of this war and that we are ready to surrender…

… What the liberal media fails to see is that these attacks make us only stronger…in the face of these atrocities it is becoming clear for everyone what is at stake in the end… these last weeks have shown us beyond any doubt what would be the alternative if we fail now…

… this faltering state has turned its back at us, but it suits us fine because now we can rely only to each other…We are truly alone right now, but contrary to what the liberal media suspects, this will make us stronger…

…the blind opportunists of the liberal media cannot see that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for the nation – and how could they see it, for a mere parasite can not recognize greatness…

… the liberal media will one day realize that the most formidable weapon is our unbreakable love for our nation and the more we are being attacked the stronger it grows as does our hatred against our enemies…

… If our destiny is to be crucified for our nation, so be it.

Manchester, Great Britain April 2000


We will launch an offensive of counter-terror… The decisive factor in this war is our ability to hate.

Birmingham, Great Britain April 2000


The war for the national liberation of Europe requires training elite troops for combat in urban conditions, the praetorians of the national revolution. This army of young militant national revolutionaries will be raised from the ranks of the working class in every population center in Europe, starting from neighbourhoods and communities these troops will eventually reach the national level. The Party will use this military force to ruthlessly crush all the enemies of the European Nation and to purge our communities from elements corrupting them.

London, Great Britain April 2000


We will learn how to create armed neighbourhoods from the both sides in Northern Ireland and we will learn the art of ethnic cleansing from Yugoslavia… as you can see we have much to learn.

Stockholm, Sweden June 2000


Our strength lies in the fact that nobody is willing to die for money and capitalism. But millions and millions are ready to die for the nation. This is something the capitalist can never understand and this is why he will lose.

Alba, Italy August 2000


People were promised freedom, but what they were given was insecurity and loneliness.

Varese, Italy August 2000


They tried to break us, but we would not break. They tried to lead us astray, but we found our path. Whatever they did to us, we survived. With our blood we have redeemed this new world and everything in it reflects our unyielding will.

Cremona, Italy August 2000


We will speak in the market places, we will speak in the alleys, we will speak in the fields, we will speak in the forests and we will speak in the factories. Wherever there are people we will speak, we will proclaim the glory of the nation. If one of us is silenced, a hundred more comrades will take his place. When we speak, the people will listen. They will listen to the voice of the coming age in us.

Brescia, Italy August 2000


We want something far greater than this rational, materialistic, thoroughly calculated and measured world has to offer. We want to break through it, rediscover the soul, the emotion and the unity. We want to experience what cannot be explained away, we want to live of what cannot be understood. We want to be possessed by what we truly are.

Ancona, Italy August 2000



Great powers are at work… this cannot be explained…something is happening in us…

Aalst, Belgium February 2001


They will not be able to tame you, for they cannot understand you. They are the old, dying world while you are ready to blossom.

Charleroi, Belgium February 2001


We are in pain for the burden of the making of the new world has been placed on our shoulders, but who else could carry that burden? Our generation is in pain, but our pain carries a promise of a better tomorrow and therefore we will face everything with our heads held high come what may.

Leuven, Belgium February 2001


You may be against us, but your children are already marching in our ranks. In their eyes you can see the dawning of the new day… and do not try to discourage them for you simply have no strength for it.

Hasselt, Belgium February 2001


We are the young ascetics. We will overcome pain and challenge death itself . All this we do so that our people may live.

We will leave behind us the easy life, empty days and vanity. We harden ourselves with pain and strengthen ourselves with want. Our power grows day by day.

You, who wasted your chance, you, who were corrupted and whose souls were bought–do not try to teach us, for goats cannot teach lions.

Liege, Belgium February 2001


Today the comedians still keep on laughing, but in your solemn faces I can see strength and dedication. Today the jokers still make fun but you calmly wait for your turn like a hunter waiting for the game to come out.

Let them scorn us, let them crack jokes, let us take all the ridicule and insults they can dish out for soon these clowns will be trapped and they will finally look death in the eye --- your moment has come.

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic March 2001


To strike, attack and march --- to strike, strike and strike again at our enemies–what could be sweeter ? We have been given a chance to live a beautiful life defying death at our comrades’ side. We have a mission, our existence has a reason --- our generation has been blessed with a purpose.

Together we will face everything, together we will survive everything , whatever happens we shall not yield. All we have is each other, but in our brothers and sisters we have the entire world.

Strakomce, Czech Republic March 2001


A life given for others is a victory over death.

Studenec, Czech Republic March 2001


Pay attention to your appearance, you must not look like thugs… don’t make people be scared of you, make them love you…

… if you confuse people’s fear with respect, you are in the wrong business…

… how can you win if you are just like your enemies ?

Bratislava, Slovakia March 2001


…An entire generation ready to be possessed and we are the modern shamans…

Cork, Ireland April 2001



…As much as the liberal media wants to believe something else, we do see. As much as the liberal media hopes otherwise, we do understand. And as much as the liberal media tries to deny it, we do not forget.

Waterford, Ireland April 2001


We will create a nation without class barriers…

… total equality, total unity…

Galway, Ireland April 2001


Man is a social animal. He is always surrounded by other people… man is never alone… he is dependent on others … he exists only in relation to others…how then, could he be free?

Even if man was alone, living in a deserted island he still wouldn’t be free for his personality is a product of genes, social forces and events he has no influence upon.

…man does not create himself out of nothing, man is the product of the world around him. To think otherwise would be illogical.

… nevertheless people have become slaves of the illusion of freedom.

Dundalk, Ireland April 2001


This Being Together will teach us to take others into consideration… we will learn to live together, we will learn to work together…our movement is a great school, it will speed up the social and spiritual evolution of our race.

Limerick, Ireland April 2001


The moment has struck… we have come together …the movement has assembled and with it the Nation itself. The hopes and dreams and enthusiasm of millions of people are fixed on us… and now the individual will be at one with the masses.

Dublin, Ireland April 2001


Bear in mind that when the western world was going through the industrial revolution there was also a tremendous population explosion going on at the same time, not unlike what is happening in the third world today…

…by absorbing the masses of the rural poor into the cities and by creating an industrial civilization this avalanche of humanity was eventually curbed in about 150 years.

… yet there was also something else… over the centuries Europe had conqured entire continents across the seas and was now able to send her surplus population over to live in these new and fertile lands…

…imagine all those tens of millions of europeans moving into America, Australia, Siberia within about a hundreds years.

… All this, a luxury our time can not afford. Imagine the consequences if the developing world manages even to try to follow in the footsteps of the Western Civilization…

… if the five billion poor of this planet adopt capitalism, industrialization and urbanization just as the five hundred million Europeans did in their time… ten times what has happened so far… ten times the waste, ten times the pollution, ten times the struggle over the resources…

… and what about the population explosion, where will the poor masses of the third world go? Will the present population explosion be solved by dumping a billion people on us… I think not.

… gentlemen , I urge you to draw conclusions… whatever the outcome may be.

Moscow, Russia August 2001


Our faith is the nation and our holy book is the people and the land.

Novgorod, Russia August 2001


When I speak about Europe I mean, of course, the whole continent and all its inhabitants. We must never give the impression that some tribes of the European nation are better than others. The slavs are just as important as the germans, the romanic people are equally as important as the celtic people or the balts, finns, hungarians or greeks. We must make it absolutely clear that no nationality can monopolize the idea of Europe.

St. Petersburg, Russia August 2001


The dark cloud that has been hanging above our civilization will be cleared away, after decades of indecisivenes we will know what to do, after three generations of self denial we will once again be ruthless and glorious.

Helsinki, Finland September 2001


That which was broken will be put together, that which was lost will be found and that which was dying will be rejuvenated. Fear will turn into courage, weakness into strength and indecision into determination. History will bear witness as we embark on our course towards greatness.

Stockholm, Sweden September 2001


There is after all the Great Story, the greatest story ever and we can be part of it. We will be remembered in the Battle Hymn of our Race and our names will be woven into its verses. Songs will be made to honour our memory, countless generations of rune singers will chant these songs telling our heroic deeds. We will be remembered, our name will live for ever.

Oslo, Norway September 2001


If they want chaos, it is chaos what they will get.

Liverpool, Great Britain October 2001


We need a movement of European fundamentalism.

London, Great Britain October 2001





Don’t talk so much, go and help the people, work for them. People won’t listen to you if you are all talk… Fiery speeches won’t bring people to you, all the art of eloquence and oratory don’t mean a thing if the people at the end of the day walk away… It is easy to make great demands, but why would the people trust you… The only way you can show people that you are willing to put your neck on the line for them is that you actually go to them and help them.

Bolton, Great Britain January 2003


It is easy to fight – most men like it – but it is hard to work and even harder to work for someone else. Yet if you do not have the humility, the patience and the affection for the people so that you would work for your community you can never be truly proud of yourself and the community will in the end turn its back on you…

…first you must humble yourself before your people and only then can you be truly proud…

…if your community does not respect you – you are worthless…and do not confuse fear with respect.

Oldham, Great Britain January 2003


Try not to become the spitting images of your enemies.

Halifax, Great Britain January 2003


Handing out leaflets is nice and parading up and down the street even nicer but the only way you can get people’s uninterrupted attention is that you become a part of their everyday life and help them whenever you can…

… People may stop for a moment to watch you parade or take a leaflet you hand them but then they usually walk away…But if you state your case while you are doing something concrete for them then they will listen to you – they have to – and now they will take you seriously…

… and all this because now you are making a difference in their life. You are not just talk, talk, talk and grand theories but you are actually ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty for them.

Keighley, Great Britain January 2003


We can’t yet change the society but we can improve people’s everyday life through voluntary work.

Rochdale, Great Britain January 2003


You all know something, you are all good at something, now use that talent to help the elderly and the needy and the community will be yours.

Birkenhead, Great Britain January 2003


Our secret weapon in winning over the confidence of the people is voluntary work…Our enemies wouldn’t even dream of doing it because their people are the intruders and anti-socials.

Warrington, Great Britain January 2003


Old people want to look up to young people, now you must give them a reason for it.

Chorley, Great Britain January 2003


True patriotism starts with helping your community, fighting comes only second. National voluntary work is the first step of National Liberation.

Preston, Great Britain January 2003


Our enemies are lazy parasites, criminals and anti-socials. Through work, organization and discipline we will be giants compared to them. We will leave a mark on this world but they will disappear and not even a memory shall remain after them.

Wrexham, Great Britain January 2003


Once again you will see how our revolution is the revolution of fundamental truths. Sociobiology enables us to understand how nature shapes the destinies of men by guiding their social behaviour. Our revolution itself is a direct result of the forces of sociobiology working at this very moment in human race. Sociobiology de-mystifies human behaviour and helps us to see the true nature of man through the dust and cobwebs of superstition and prejudice.

Dokkum, Holland February 2003


Nature makes no mistakes – everything has a reason, everything has its place and so it is with us too. We are a pack of wolves protecting its cubs and territory and those wolves who do not have cubs of their own will fight better.

Genemuiden, Holland February 2003


Our race is a social organism struggling to maintain its foothold on this earth. We need territory and we need offspring, nothing has changed since the stone age. We are still apes trying to find fresh water and ready to fight over it to death. Our greatest duty is to protect our gene pool, make sure that it survives and grows… the sacrifices we make for the gene pool of our kind will make us immortal…We will live in the generations to come.

Meppel, Holland February 2003


Merciless forces of nature have moulded our race… We have survived through kin selection…the whole tribe protecting its future, the children. In order to carry this sacred genetic code across time everyone’s efforts were needed – men, women, young and old. The well-being of the children was the responsibility of the whole tribe regardless of who were their parents and those who did not procreate themselves served the community as protectors.

Zwolle, Holland February 2003


The exceptional character of our race can only be explained in the light of sociobiology and the theory on kin selection.

Saasveld, Holland February 2003


…They will forsake everything else… predestined by nature to be warriors and nationalists… a biological inevitability… they will fight for the nation, for their pack, with such fanatism and determination the world has rarely seen…their family is the warrior band… outside duty they have nothing…

Amsterdam, Holland February 2003


The greatest task for the modern revolutionary science is to deepen man’s relationship with the nature. Science will one day show us the way to our ultimate goal – the total and complete symbiosis with the nature.

Yverdon, Switzerland March 2003


We must use modern science to become one with the nature, not to dominate or manipulate her.

Fribourg, Switzerland March 2003


We will learn how to vanish into the nature without a trace… We will be the modern aboriginals… We will re-establish the relationship with nature that our tribal ancestors had. Nevertheless our civilization must find the ancient wisdom in its own way.

Detligen, Switzerland March 2003


Scientific method is the inherent way of thinking for our People. We do not accept the shadows of the occult or the fogs of mysticism. We want to be part of the universe but it has to happen through our intellect and reason.

Moutier, Switzerland March 2003


Our race is the prodigal son of Gaia. We have wrestled with gods, we have shaken the foundations of the earth and our hunger for knowledge has given us wings and we have streched our arms toward the far away galaxies. We have paid a high price for our hubris but it had to be this way for greatness always comes with a price and greatness is our destiny.

Esslingen, Switzerland March 2003


…The prodigal son of Gaia has learned his lesson and will return home but this time he is much wiser than when he started his journey. The prodigal son has grown up to be a man.

Kollbrunn, Switzerland March 2003


The childhood of our race will soon be over … We will restore Gaia to her former glory and then… the universe awaits.

Steckborn, Switzerland March 2003


Our revolution is the revolution of the Great Return. Our race will be the modern Bon Sauvage. We will create a civilization of an unprecedented sophistication, our science and technology will make advances that go beyond imagination and yet our life will always take its course in a natural and a traditional way…

Berneck, Switzerland March 2003


…We will live as tribes in villages set in dark forests and amidst rolling hills, but our civilization will one day reach the stars.

Nauders, Austria April 2003


We have before us possibilities for an infinite success. This time everything will be built on a natural foundation and therefore it will stand for ever.

Steinach, Austria April 2003


As the guardians of Gaia we have to take the leadership on this planet, do what has to be done…cut off what has to be cut off…root out what has to be rooted out… clear away what has to be cleared away.

Mayrhofen, Austria April 2003


Bear in mind that only we can be the guardians of Gaia, only our civilization is advanced enough for it, only our civilization will be able to take the next step – the ecological revolution… only we have got this far… The societies of the developing world are still only desperately trying to repeat our past mistakes

Radstadt, Austria April 2003


The national revolution and the ecological revolution are irreversably the same thing.

Kapfenberg, Austria April 2003


The ecological revolution will be the rebirth of European civilization…

Neunkirchen, Austria April 2003


In order to save our past we will take extreme measures, in order to protect the tradition we will be outrageously radical.

Breitenfurt, Austria April 2003


The ecological revolution is the revolution of tradition.

Weitersfeldt, Austria April 2003


We will snatch Europe from the jaws of death and once again make her the queen among continents.

Bratislava, Slovakia April 2003


Both the national revolution and the ecological revolution are consequences of material forces in history. Both will be inevitable steps in the development of our civilization…


Nitra, Slovakia April 2003


Only we can take the decisive qualitative leap forward and transform our industrial civilization into an ecological civilization.

Brezno, Slovakia April 2003


Simple, natural life, at any cost ! In order to save our kind we must return to nature, go back to villages and rural communities to live as tribes.

Poprad, Slovakia April 2003


…And at the heart of every village there will be a Long House and there the villagers will come together as a family…

Katowice, Poland May 2003


Architecture will imitate the elements of nature. Modern architecture will give us the means to build our communities so that they merge with the surrounding scenery and become an integral part of the ecosphere.

Czestochowa, Poland May 2003


In the future the boundary between human habitat and nature will disappear. In the future there will be no distinction between private and public domain.

Poznan, Poland May 2003


The people of tomorrow will be one with their community and the community will one with nature.

Gdynia, Poland May 2003


Isn’t it amazing how the New Youth is so much more mature than their parents. This is a generation of struggle… there are no easy answers for this generation.

Velletri, Italy June 2003


The New Youth are quiet, polite, focused and controlled but still you can sense the volcano of rage inside them.

Viterbo, Italy June 2003


…the so called "revolution" of their parents was simply an indigestion of the well fed…

… that pampered spawn of the petty bourgeoisie living in the most affluent society known to man was playing with food and simply behaving badly and then called it a REVOLUTION.

Trevi, Italy June 2003


… the New Youth cannot afford the same luxury as their parents. To claim otherwise would just be infantile liberalism. The New Youth is struggling for survival and for the survival of the entire race.

Siena, Italy June 2003


… these young princes have to fight or be deprived of their inheritance… to claim their throne they must shed blood – noblesse oblige !!

Florence, Italy June 2003


The Party demands total dedication to the cause and and the New Youth answers to the Party’s call with a fanatic determination.

Pisa, Italy June 2003


We have now teenagers in our ranks who regard voluntary work as a patriotic duty and craftmanship man’s greatest honour…With this kind of youth on our side nobody can defeat us.

Lucca, Italy June 2003


What did the capitalist system have in store for them – slow death by drugs, empty entertainment and frenzied consumerism. But now even when the life is still hard the New Youth blossoms.

Parma, Italy June 2003


… never have I seen such beauty, such strength of character, such devotion to the cause… You are an entirely new race… you will inherit the earth…

Cremona, Italy June 2003


They come from all walks of life, from all parts of Europe, from all social classes and from all the tribes that make up the European Nation, forsaking their differences to find unity instead. Young people, the hope of a civilization struggling for survival…

… young people bringing the Revolution of the Will.

Varese, Italy June 2003


In the face of the global ecological crisis we have to be strong rather than weak…

… ruthless military force will be needed to make sure that we get our fair share of the natural resources of the planet… Europe must not be deprived of her wealth… naïve idealists often seek to starve Europe for their well- meaning but irrational ends.

Toulon, France July 2003


Ecological crisis and population explotion are pushing the world towards barbarism and chaos this is why Europe must be strong and supreme… tower of strength in the dark ages… bed rock of civilization.

Marseille, France July 2003


You are aware of the military strength the Wall Street imperialists and their cronies can always muster… and just how do you think we should face this military threat… unarmed?…

…how do you fight the most powerful military force known to man… by rioting maybe?… or perhaps we should send a letter to our MP?

… Let us be open about it – we have to create our own military complex, which will be far more powerful than anything so far.

Arles, France July 2003


We must not seek to create an empire… to try to turn Europe into a centralized state – that would be a complete disaster. But Europe has to be strong to protect her legitimate interests.

Avignon, France July 2003


Will there be a second Opium War someday… Wall Street imperialists using the U.S. Navy to force feed genetically manipulated food products to Europeans in the name of Free Trade… Well Europe is not the Celestial Empire – we have a nasty surprise in store for them if they dare to try it.

… But first we will have to eliminate all the neo-liberal traitors among us and only then will we be strong enough to resist this new gunboat policy.

Valence, France July 2003


Never forget that the majority of the world’s natural resources are right at Europe’s doorstep…so one day when we finally challenge the Wall Street imperialists we will have a definite geographic advantage.

… the question remains: When will Europe make her first move?

Lyon, France July 2003


We must have the means and the will to protect earth, Gaia, from people who in their desperate bid for survival or race for the riches would otherwise harm her…

… We must be prepared to impose our enlightened ecological leadership on nations and cultures who have not yet reached our mature and sophisticated level.

Vichy, France July 2003


To curb the world’s population explotion will require decisive action…from us!

Clermont-Ferrand, France July 2003


Only an out side force can make the societies of the developing world control their ever swelling population.

St-Junien, France July 2003


If we have to choose between human diversity and bio-diversity we must choose bio-diversity.

la Rochelle, France July 2003


In the future Europe’s foreign policy and military strategy will based on ecological considerations…

… we will use whatever force will be needed to bring about social and economic changes that are ecologically beneficial… we are prepared to act globally.

Nantes, France July 2003


The Collapse of capitalism and the ecological crisis will mean a new beginning for our race… we will walk through fire… we will walk through the shadow of the valley of death… from ashes we will create a new world.

St-Nazaire, France July 2003


As the natural resources run ever more scarce a race will be pitted against another, a civilization against another. In this global power play over world dominance we have to be stronger than anyone else.

Bourdeaux, France July 2003


We must save this planet, we have to become the guardian race of her oceans and forests… …consider yourselves as ecological soldiers…

Mont-de-Marsan, France July 2003


The ecological crisis and the collapse of capitalism will bring us new opportunities and challenges – now we will know what is to be our historical task.

Bayonne, France July 2003


We have to be rational about this. It is obvious that the population explosion will go on unchecked for a long time still. We may speculate that in time this uncontrollable growth of humanity will diminish to a more moderate scale but the earth itself is running out of time. Earth cannot afford to wait a hundred or two hundred years for humans to come to their senses… it is imperative to understand that once the level of earth’s sustainability has been crossed we will face a collapse, not a slowdown or a more moderate growth. Of course we cannot yet say when excatly we will reach that final threshold but it is clear that the higher the human race has climbed, the deeper it will plunge.

Bilbao, Spain July 2003


The plight of the third world is mostly due to the uncontrollable population growth rather than anything else. It would be nice to think that a social revolution would somehow be the magic wand to cure the ills of the world down south but that would be naïve idealism. The simple material fact is that there are too many people sharing too few resources and the worst thing is that not only is the number of people growing but also the resources are growing scarcer.

Burgos, Spain July 2003


The developing countries have so far been too backward to transform their traditional societies into functioning industrial societies and this backwardness will undoubtedly plague the developing countries also in the future.

… It would be a mistake to think that these societies could now miraculously skip a few stages is their development… to go from a backward preindustrial society straight to a well functioning industrial stage or even further.

Oviedo, Spain July 2003


You must study history to find out what makes Europe so special.

Santiago de Compostela, Spain July 2003


The gap between the western societies and the societies of the developing world is growing not only relatively but also in absolute terms… the poor are getting poorer… the backward are getting even more backward… this leads to envy and hatred.

Kiel, Germany August 2003


We are like a tourist in a dark alley surrounded by aggressive beggars, who are just about to go for our jugular… we are paralyzed with fear and amazement. We can't even believe what is happening to us and somehow we try to rationalize the situation by feeling guilty and thinking that it is actually all right if we get robbed -- for it is the white man’s burden in this world…

… but of course things will not stay this way for ever…

Wismar, Germany August 2003


… the natural resources of the planet are not only diminishing per capita in relation to a growing number of people but also in absolute numbers … there will be less and less left for those who otherwise would be equipped to survive this ordeal… with this I mean essentially people of European extraction.

Schwerin, Germany August 2003


Culture shapes the behaviour of the individual and also predeterminates his future as profoundly as it once was concidered that genes would do…

…Culture also predeterminates the fortunes of entire civilizations just as it does with inviduals and it is clear that western civilization has been the most succesful in creating an affluent industrial society… only a few asian nations have been able to succesfully emulate us…

…Of course we may pretend to be politically correct and say that no culture is better than others and that we must treat them all as unique and precious , but nevertheless there has always been a constant competition between civilizations – and there still is…

Parchim, Germany August 2003


… in a historical perspective we can take it as a rule that the strength of a society is based on her productive forces…

…if a society can't rise to the same level of material output as its neighbours, it is gradually losing the game…

Neuruppin, Germany August 2003


Civilizations are gigantic and ancient social organisms, super organisms… like ant colonies or coral reefs these organisms compete over resources and living space…

… and only the efficient will prevail…

Finowfurt, Germany August 2003


…a materially stronger civilization has the tendency to make its weaker neighbours deteriorate – willingly or unwillingly. The west has been doing this for centuries with capitalism, imperialism, industrialism, materialism, rationalism and modernization. The rest of the world has been forced to meet this challenge by superficially westernizing their societies…

…however this superficial westernization only corrupted the traditional societies but could not start any significant change toward anything better. The western civilization after all is much more than just some technical and administrative skills in the hands of the half educated and corrupt…

… you cannot export the idea of an entire civilization to an alien enviroment simply by training multitudes of doctors, teachers and engineers – it has been tried and it failed.

Berlin, Germany August 2003


The materially dominant culture sets the standards which the rest of the world tries to imitate more or less succesfully…this is not a beauty contest, the only thing that matters are the productive forces… that is the material strength to provide for one’s people and protect one’s interests.

Leipzig, Germany August 2003


We have also payed a high price for modernization. It has wreaked havoc on our society just as much as on the third world but we have had our ways of surviving. After all it was us who started all these changes… and in material terms we have definitely been winners – although not spiritually…

… the change for better or for worse ultimately comes from us, only we can be in charge…

… the backward societies of the developing world are worst hit by these changes but nevertheless unable to bring about any fundamental changes.

Dresden, Germany August 2003


We must of course denounce materialism and the consumerist life style but we must not be naïve either. We must not be blind to the fact that the control of natural resources; food, water, shelter, warmth, energy and the ability to make use of them as proficiently as possible is crucial to every living organism from a simple bacteria to a sperm whale, from a termite mound to a human society.

Belgrad, Yugoslavia October 2003


In the third world it has always been fashionable to denigrate western culture and its values but nevertheless even the most ardent critics of the west have been very keen to reach the same material standard of life…

…this is not surprising, for it is the most constant and universal phenomenon in the living world that every being or a collective of beings strives to provide for itself as well as possible…

…… Westernization and modernization in the third world have always been strived after with the one question in mind: How to create a society which could reach the same level of material production per capita as the west.

…In sum we can say that everybody hates the west but everybody wants to be just as rich…

…the question remains: Will our planet be able to sustain it for six or seven billion people – and should we do something about it?

Athens, Greece October 2003


This is simply the survival of the fittest, the strongest civilization will in time supplant the others…

Thessaloniki, Greece October 2003


… the majority of humankind has been thrown into a race for modernization a race to which they are culturally unequipped. They can not withdraw from this race, they cannot withdraw from the world and therefore they will desperately seek modernization and westernization and ultimately this will ruin them. Even great cultural achivements of the past will not save the majority of the people on this planet if they lack the cultural apparatus suitable for creating and maintaining a modernized society.

Fagernes, Norway November 2003


The need for modernization is tearing the traditional societies of the third world apart. As a result the people of the third world will hate us more than ever before, they will have nothing else but their hate.

Minnesund, Norway November 2003


The developing world is trapped. To provide for its ever growing poor masses it has to seek modernization, desperately try to imitate the succes of the European civilization but under the strain of the population explosion and of the ecological crisis the developing world is slipping towards chaos.

Ludvika, Sweden November 2003


…the anti- european sentiments are rising not only in the developing world but also in our streets as the immigrant youth from the developing world are beginning to wage their own ethnic warfare against us. The gang rapes of european girls are not cries for help by basically good and decent but frustrated immigrant youngsters – as the liberal left so much likes to explain – but a beginning of tribal warfare directed against us. Gang rape is a bestial way for them to mark their newly claimed territory.

Stockholm, Sweden November 2003

We will have to start defending our dignity, we will have to start protecting our needs and we will have to start fighting for our place in this world…

… we can not take one step back anymore or we will be engulfed by an unprecedented chaos… Our elite is more than willing to sacrifice us for some delusional ideals or simply to maximize corporate profits. So it finally boils down to us, are we ready to fight back or do we accept that our lot is to perish.

… If we choose to fight back it will not be an easy path but then at least we will know who we are and what we are worth – no one can trivialize us anymore.

If we choose to fight back we will have to overcome great hardships but then at least we will have a chance to create something pure and lasting – once again we will have hope.

If we choose to fight back, then even at the most difficult times we will still have our dreams and an unyielding will to make them come true – no one can deceive us anymore. And so the elite with all its lies and deceitful words will be rendered powerless before us and the voracious swarming masses of intruders will be driven out from our sacred soil once and for all.

… Go now, claim your right to exist and fulfill your destiny!

Lisbon, Portugal December 2003