London Speech 2007 (Random Rantings 1&2)

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You propably know the age old saying "the darkest hours is always just before the dawn" it sounds like an empty cliche and it may well be just a cliche but strangely enough it holds true -- in a dialectic sense. "the darkest hours is always just before the dawn" means that there is no change until there is a overwhelming need for a change. As long as people can pretend that nothing is wrong, look the other way or live in a fantasy that eventually things will get better, nobody is willing to put their neck on line for the change.

As long as people feel that they still have more to lose than if they take the risk and start fighting for the change people rather remain passive. So no matter how bad things may look at the moment as long as nobody is not doing anything we may assume that it is simply because things actually are two well.

For us radical nationalists worse is better ... and the best thing is that the worst is yet to come.

We can see every day how the pressure is only mounting and nothing is done about it ... actually the powers be only add fuel to fire. So the question is not IF but WHEN the situation is bad enough to trigger the avalanche of change.

We have been taught to believe that the system is solid but since in a modern globalized world everything is connected with everything we are actually living in a system which by its nature is chaotic.

In a chaotic system as the strain builds up the final trigger effect can be extremely subtle -- an event that escapes our notice at first -- it can be an incident that we can reconstruct only years later, an infinitesimal singularity in time and space -- almost impossible to trace back to. In the end it may well take only a flutter of butterflys wings to derail the current globalized liberal capitalist system. In the era of restless masses the end may come like a rumour in a crowded theater that there is fire.

At this very moment a total panic may already have hit the global markets, while we are sitting here enjoying the day the brokers on Wall Street may be desperately selling their shares as the prices are plummeting and money worth trillions of Pounds, Dollars, Euros simply vanishing into the thin air.

We can safely say that wise money is on collapse but the timing is difficult, to pinpoint the actual moment of collapse well in before hand is virtually impossible ... but it is coming ...

The change may come in many shapes and forms, but still it always surprises us:

Just think of the the reactions to the Muhammed cartoons by the Danish news paper Jyllands Posten -- who would have seen this coming.

-- 30 years ago this would not have happended:

There was not enough immigrants in Europe, that is the radical mass was not big enough.

The world was not as connected as it is today.

There was not enough social, cultural, political tension for such an erruption.

There is much more volatility in the world today ... and in the end it will derail the system for good.

Since there is a constantly growing pressure the system has different ways of coping with this challenge.

- One way is simply by closing one's eyes and basically denying everything. This living in denial is something the academics and intellectuals are very good at -- whenever the reality and theory or ideals were in a collison course it has been very customary for the academics and intellectuals to deny the reality.

- The other way is by deliberately mounting the pressure even more: Since the elite cannot accept that the rampant mass immigration from the III world into western societies is the disease itself the elite tries to cure the obvious symptoms by making the disease even more virulent. In other words if the mass immigration has negative impact on the host societies the elite decides to remedy the situation by importing even more people from the III world.

... To think otherwise would mean accepting defeat, that is accepting that the primary ideal/theory/vision has a fault. To accept defeat would seriously undermine the position of the elite and therefore elite must keep its course.

The current political and cultural elite of the western democracies is the product of its own ideological and intellectual history, a result of a long tradition of western thinking, which at a different time and place may actually have appeared quite appealing and reasonable -- mainly when it was applied to purely European population -- but definitely not anymore.

The current political and cultural elite of the western democracies is the after glow of the French revolution preaching human rights, equality, reason, tolerance, materialism and claiming that the value system of the occidental bourgeoisie is universal and should be applied planet wide.

Our elite is also the bastard child of the Frankfurt School of philosophy preaching self-hatred and ethno masochism for the people of European descent and claiming that the white man's guilt is universal both in time and space.

Our elite is a curious combination of marxist and liberalist materialism both boasting to wipe out ethnic and traditional European identities. Our elite also succesfully manages to combine leftist guilt with bourgeois arrogance and the outcome of this unholy alliance is an intellectual toxine poisoning the very soul of Europe.

The elite is a prisoner of its history and success. Why should the elite reasses the situation when it has achieved so much by being always right. Why should the elite have doubts when its motives are so noble and humane. Undoubtedly our elite will keep on marching its righteouss path -- never doubting anything -- actually in the liberal mindset the simple doubt is already a sign of dissidence -- if one is not convinced of one's salvation the salvation escapes. And as the anomalies mount in the world of modern western liberals one has to believe in the final victory more feverously than ever -- no wonder they are willing to steer our civilization deliberately into the rocks, simply as a sign of their faith.

However the decisive moment for the national revolution strikes when the inevitable finally happens -- the elite loses its nerve!

Just think how quickly the eastern block collapsed after Gorbatchec had first publically admitted that the system was plagued by grave problems. That statement was like the opening of Pandoras box -- suddenly millions of people who, so far, had been silent had the courage to step forth and openly critisize the system ... and as a result the entire system lost its legitimacy very quickly and finally collapsed almost without a fight.

And, after all the leaders of the eastern block weren't just anybody -- they knew their marxism-leninism inside out. They mastered the theory that they claimed to explain the past, present and future of the entire human race. They possessed the knowledge that was needed to create a flawless perfect communist society in the future, a heaven on earth. And still, when the final crunch came, they had to admit that they knew nothing and that they had lost control.

I believe that something like this will bring down our liberal-capitalist dictatorship as well.

As the pressure is only mounting I am looking forward this new decade.

The generation of 1968 will wither away and 2010's will be the new 60's. Thanks to internet and the new information technology there will be an explosion of creativity, a new synergy will rock the X, Y and Z generations, new music, fashion and design will change the world around us. However the message of this new decade will be the exact opposite to what the 60's was all about this new decade that is now beginning will be a sort of anti-60's and the nationalist undecurrant of our culture will break to the surface and become the maistream finally.

In order to make Modern Pan-European nationalism truly powerful we must find emotions, we must learn to feel for each other.

I give you an example:

Whenever I hear about the gang rapes of Swedish girls, see footage of Paris in flames, read about the rampant ethnic crime in the streets of Britain etc. I get so angry that I actually feel noxious.

Or when I read about a small town in Northern Russia where local people had taken their destiny into their own hands and drove away the Tschetschen mafia thugs I felt exhilarated, or when I hear how fellow nationalist parties are doing well in other European countries I am simply extatic.

All emotions, even negative ones, are good because they bind us together. We must learn to feel for each other -- crimes commited against other Europeans must affect us just as much as if these crimes were commited in our own countries.

After all, nationalism is a matter of intense passions not some dried up theories or intellectual speculation.

Traditional nationalism will evolve into Pan-European nationalsimonly through passion -- passion and love we feel other European nations.

If Pan-European nationalism remains an ideological superstructure and ritualistic rhetoric cultivated in nationalist meetings and seminars, we will certainly lose.

But if Pan-European nationalism emerges as an expression of love and devotion the European youth feel for each other and for the entire civilization and race -- then we will win!

We need a new Wander Vogel movement -- a movement of young European nationalists travelling all around Europe, getting acquainted with their common heritage ... and with each other. We must get the juices of our race flowing once again.

The uggly, narrow minded, reactionary chauvinism must make way for the new, progressive Pan-European nationalism.

But the question remains -- how can we ignite this explosion of emotions, since we basically have only theoretical and intellectual tools available.

A considerable problem and maybe the ultimate stumbling block for our project is that our entire history so far is only constant war against each other.

The formation of our nations and nation states grew out of bloody competition.

Can we get over the wrongs of the past?

Can we celebrate our own separate nationhood without slipping back into the traditional rivalry and petty chauvinism?

-- Nationalism, after all, is a matter of passion and great emotions and you cannot reason with passion.

Our primary impulse is the love for our own separate ethnic group.

The past has an enormously strong grip on us and the rise nationalism in Europe is still mostly the resurrection of traditional separate ethnic identities. Pan-Europeanism is in rise as well but mostly as a by product -- people are still more concerned about their own nationalities.

History is like a mill stone around our neck: We can never reach a consensus about Europe's history national heroes are usually villains for their neighbours, someone's victory is someone else's defeat. We can never reach a consensus on European history -- this is something we just have to accept... and get over it.

And still we must find our common story and make it just as appealing and true as the stories of past struggles.

We should see the European history as a painful but inevitable process towards a logical conclusion -- so that in the end we can say that every every historical event, every conceivable detail in the flow of time and space, every fact, every variable somehow served a greater purpose and brought us to this moment and will take us even further.

Now as we finally have come at a crossroads -- our power has waned because of our mistakes, our ancient glory is lost, we are surrounded by hungry enemies and our very excistence is threatened. And just when everythings seems to be lost we suddenly realize how all the pieces fall to their places , our history does make sense -- we have a choice after all -- to survive, against all odds, to survive and become something far greater than ever before.

It is not accident that we are here today, it is our destiny, our history has brought us to this moment so that we will make the right choices -- and the most important lesson we have learned so far is that we must evolve beyond petty chauvinism and become passionate Pan-European nationalists.

The crisis of the liberal West is another ironic exmample how our history has a strangle hold over us.

Practically everything we have been doing in the West since 1945 and especially since the mid 60’s has been a counterreaction to the horrors of the Second World War and the Third Reich. The dominance of left-green humanism is the residue of the generation conflict of the 60’s between the baby boomers and their parents. The more the Europeans have tried to escape the ghosts of nationalism, racism and militarism the more feverishly they have embraced leftist humanism spiced with a hefty dose of self-hatred.

But just as the modern liberal West is a counter reaction to World War II, an indirect creation of the IIWW, the modern liberal West will also create its own antithesis.

We can safely say that us, radical nationalists, we are a the creation of those who swore that they would do anything so that there would never ever be people like us anymore.

-- The attempt to create a liberal, multiracial and culturally diverce society with a free globalized economy, will in the end produce its exact OPPOSITE.

The liberals thought they had killed beast of European nationalism that aggressive, irrational, collectivist monster and replaced it with reason, tolerance and kindness. Unfortuanetely at the same time they released new kinds of monsters into this world -- boundless capitalist greed and predatory migrations of the hungry masses of the III World. Once Europe was exposed to these deadly threats it would only be a matter of time when our own atavistic beast would wake up again from its slumber.

The liberals thought they had castrated us, amputated our spirit, but in the end they only managed to create something far worse.


As what comes to the wars the corrupt elite of United States is currently waging accross the globe it is important to understand how they, in the end, only deplete the military strentgh this globalist elite can command on the field. More war theaters in difficult terrain and among hostile and incomprehensible populations very effectively weakens the this war machine -- A nation built on debt cannot wage wars oversees forever.

The rising costs and casualties of constant wars violently forces people to realize that United States cannot win these wars and that the more the globalist elite tries to control the world the more these bushfires spread. The down fall of the American empire are the endless low scales conflicts slowly burning accross the globe consuming the America military complex from the inside. The enemies the United States has created for herself can never defeat her but the final victory also eludes United States leaving her to fight shadows until she has exhausted her strentgh.

The wars that never end force the American public to realize that their country is controlled by a parasitical over growth that feeds on the war effort of the American people. The elite is not even interested in actually winning these wars as long it can make profits from them.

When United States invaded Iraq the neocons thought that a victory in Iraq would quarantee American domination in the Middle East and ensure that this century -- if not even the entire millennium would be dominated by the USA. Instead these shysters managed to wreck the only hyper power this planet has so far seen by systematically eroding its social, cultural, economical and ethnic base. And did it so throughly that after this United States will never be able to claim world dominance again.

The elite of the United States is the greatest enemy of the people of European descent -- world wide. The chaos the elite has provoked with its ill adviced, adventuristic wars will, however, open the door for the white revolution.

These wars they radicalize muslims especially here in Europe so that they start attacking us on our door steps. Tony Blair actually did us a great favour by joining USA in the war, this way he angered the muslims all over Europe so that they have opened a new front here. But the Muslims are making a fatal error by antagonizing and terrorizing us Europeans -- they have declared a war on us, a war which they,however, cannot win.

In the end all the terrorist attacks only serve our cause -- so far the liberal media has been able lie about the rampant ethnic street crime,which for years has been a systematic campaign of racist violence against us native Europeans, the media has been active in hiding relentless ethning cleansing targeting white people daily. But it is impossible -- even for the liberal media -- to deny the massive terrorist attacks killing hundreds of ordinary Europeans and the growing support for these attacks in the Muslim community in Europe.

So far the liberals see the situation as managable -- as long as it is the muslims who are on rampage. The real problems begin when we get mad! -- that is what the liberals should really be affraid of, but it seems that they think that it will never happen.

So far the strategy of the muslim ruffians -- be they just ordinary street thugs or terrorists -- seem to work because the liberal system is totally impotent and can only appease the simian rage of these "New Europeans"

This of course means that the appetite of muslims only grows and they feel that they can do anything -- untill they finally go too far.

So as we can see -- no matter who we are dealing with, no matter who is our enemy -- the left liberals, the neocons, the corporate world, islamist radicals, thugs from the III world -- they are all preparing ground for their own down fall -- we couldn't do a better job ourselves -- our enemies are doing it themself, and that's historical dialectics in action!