Oxford Speech 2014

A Specter is haunting Europe – the specter of nationalism!
And all the powers of the old world order, European Union, United States, United Nations, liberals, reactionary conservatives and radical leftists ,  have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this specter.

One thing result from this fact:  Nationalism is already acknowledged by its enemies to be itself a power.

Have you noticed that now, as the system is heading toward the final crisis, no one ever talks about the possibility that the radical left might take over. Those who express their worries about the future political turmoil never even mention that there actually could be a hardcore leftist, communist revolution. – What happened?

Traditionally, the  radical left has always been  more than confident that it alone will spearhead the future revolution, that it alone possesses the  scientific knowledge  on how to bring down the capitalist system and it alone has the ultimate understanding of human history  as well as the future of man.

I grew up in a world where leftist intellectuals were considered to be the embodiment of the deep thinking intelligentsia. It was as if you had to be a leftist before you could  be an intellectual, as if there were no other kinds of intellectuals but the leftists,  as if being a leftist alone made you smart. The red intellectuals were praised, pampered and admired by the politicians and the media – they were rebels,  they were rock stars and they were trailblazers. And how easily they could always ridicule the morose, conservative, patriotic type. With their sharp wit and intellectual confidence they quickly managed to make their opponents look laughable and obsolete.

Now, however, we are constantly  warned about the rise of the far right but not the far left. And it is said that the rise of the far right  is virtually unavoidable. But what about the radical left then and all its brilliant  intellectuals, what an earth happened to them?

Radical leftism has been reduced to being the violent and thuggish arm of the liberal system, a life style choice, political brand, intellectual fashion and academic masturbation. Radical leftists are still the favorite pets of the media and as such safely integrated into the system. The idea being that once a lefty has been house trained he/she makes a perfect lackey of the system working in the media, academic world, civil service or in some non-governmental organization – amply subsidized by the system, no doubt.

Being unable to stop or have any effect on the triumph of the global capitalism the radical left has only one thing  to do – that is to promote intense self-hatred among the European people.

In promoting mass immigration to Europe and North America the radical left is also tirelessly accommodating the needs of the capitalist class. Because the one thing both the leftists and the capitalists can agree on – is that they want to wipe out the European civilization and exterminate the European people.

Leftism is never what it claims to be: it is not democratic, it is not peaceful, it is doing nothing for the working class and it is not an ideology based on science or reason.

Leftists themselves never miss an opportunity to declare that their world view is based on science – the only scientific world view - as they like to boast. By the means of dialectical materialism a leftist intellectual claims to be able to explain the past, the present and the future of the human race.

Well, science and materialism are big words and when put together we are, at first, tempted to think that this ideology is indeed pure and simple natural science.  But with a closer look we can see that the doctrines of leftism are resting on history, economics and sociology which are all human sciences, so called SOFT sciences.  So now the semantic misconception becomes clear and we realize that your average Trotskyite intellectual at the university – despite his great speeches – is not materialistic or scientific at all because the only truly materialistic sciences are the natural sciences - leftism is therefore more like poetry or astrology than physics. 

Of course, history, economics and sociology provide the perspective of the humanistic sciences  to observe the past and the present but if you then proceed to declare that in the future a communist revolution is an absolute certainty and that  the working class will then abolish private property, the family as an institution, gender distinctions, national, ethnic and racial divisions, religion, and state simply because  they  did not exist in the primitive communism either, well that is certainly not science but speculation. But I guess the leftists would never admit that their worldview is a speculative worldview – it just doesn’t sound all that grand anymore.

A true natural scientist would try to find a pattern in the sequence of events but obviously there can be no pattern because there has never been a communist revolution before so our leftist has to become a believer. And that's the thing about communism - it was designed as religion, to give pseudo-scientific proof to support a quasi-religious fantasy about the future.

As human societies are always far too complex for experiments and with too many variables, they are not the controlled environments you need to conclusively and scientifically prove that a certain social theory or postulation or axiom is correct or wrong. This is why there is always plenty of room left for endless speculations and excuses why some grand theory did not work after all -- and so, eventually, the supporters of the grand theory have only their unyielding faith in the theory and a conviction that it does work, at least, if the conditions are right.

And since no one is ever willing to admit ones mistakes all great interpretations of the world or so called scientific world views have the tendency to degenerate into secular religions. Your faith in the theory is a proof in itself that the theory really works. In short: if it looks good on paper it has to be true.

Since the “grand” theory and its sacred fundamental postulations as given to us by some great and infallible thinker have to be correct -  all new scientific data is then measured by how it relates to the postulations of the  “grand” theory and not how it actually reflects the reality and if the data doesn’t support the “grand” theory it is then simply discarded or discredited.

Paradigm shifts that are so characteristic to natural sciences do not happen in secular political religions because everything that might threaten the position of the priesthood of the political religion will be dealt with repression and public outrage.  When the theories of political science become instrumental for political power things get very nasty indeed -  people tend to be  more than willing to deny even the most plain and obvious truths and demand others to do the same just to stay on top . Therefore we could even say that modern leftism is actually a cult or even worse – it is a form of autism.

The left seems to be always repeating the same mistakes of dogmatism, denial, totalitarian rule and personality cults regardless of time and place and in every level from minuscule splinter groups to gigantic super powers.

A revealing detail is that when it comes to race the leftists totally reject that it could have any effect on human intelligence, behavior or social success. This is a bit strange because if you really look at it race --  of all things -- belongs to the realm of matter and materialism. Race, if anything, is a physical and medical object that can be scientifically studied, quantified, measured and scrutinized.

It is peculiar how, when it comes to race, the most ardent – self-proclaimed materialists  suddenly become idealists.

Traditionally the tug-of-war between us nationalists and leftists has been about class vs. nation – which is more fundamental or real community. I never could understand  the aggressive arrogance of the Marxist intellectuals when they right away dismissed nations  as nothing but bourgeois  fiction.

Obviously both nation and class are manmade constructions - so why should the nation then be any less real as a community. Once again it becomes clear that this co-called “scientific world view” is only a manifestation of the atavistic hatred the red intellectuals feel toward their own ethnic back ground.

The question remains then – can this self-hatred work as a driving force for a political upheaval, revolution, a complete takeover of power – as the leftists calculate.

Indeed this may actually appear possible if you are an academic or work in the media because, in general academics and journalists are just intellectual prostitutes – but in the real world, of course, this cannot work – it simple isn’t in our cultural DNA.

As the ethnic and social pressure grows due to mass immigration and globalization two things will happen:


The nationalist movement will grow and eventually take the qualitative leap forward. The nationalist movement will swoop from the political and cultural periphery into the center stage and begin to dominate the public debate and popular culture. Suddenly the nationalist cultural critique seems to be the most intellectual and radical way to challenge the system.



As the nationalist arguments develop and begin to dominate the public debate, the increasingly frustrated and isolated left is driven to take the qualitative tumble backwards. This is because the more acceptable and fashionable it becomes to express anxiety about the survival of  European culture, traditions, identity, and the European people themselves etc., the more the radical left has to attack them. And the radical left is correct, of course,  because even when it is not specifically said,  this sentimentalism only sugarcoats our inherent and often sub-conscious racism and nationalism.


So eventually the radical left is driven or lured to abandon its eloquent anti-racism rhetoric, decorated with humanistic platitudes, and openly declare that it simply wants to destroy the European people.



It is very important to understand that  ideologies have more to do with the individual’s temperament than with reason. People’s opinions on politics are based primarily on emotions rather than cool and calculating logic and objective and well informed assessments  of one’s social position. Later people tend to rationalize their emotional choices by producing all sorts of fancy theories – but all the theory in the world cannot change the fact that political behavior and belief systems are merely reflections of the people’s basic mentality and mind set.

If your first instinct is to love England, if you are you are keenly interested in England’s history and traditions, if you are proud of it’s achievements, if  you feel strongly for the English people and you want to live among them and protect them then you obviously become a nationalist. If you don’t give a damn about those things, well,  then you most likely become a liberal.

 If, however, you hate England and everything it stands for, if your first instinct is to  hurt the English people, if you want to defile English traditions, abolish English culture, if you think that a nation that actually should die and taxpayers that basically are your class enemies still should provide your parasitical lifestyle, well then your place is definitely in the ranks of the radical left -- you can keep on fantasizing about the rape and murder of England and now simply call it progress. I think we can safely say that modern radical leftism is simply a reflection of a primitive thug mentality.


As what comes to liberals it is interesting to notice that now as the plot thickens and the system faces a deepening crisis the liberals are turning increasingly totalitarian. Freedom of thought is tolerated only as long as the opinions expressed coincide with the liberal “party line”. Historical revisionism or any form of criticism against multiculturalism or dissident views on race and intelligence are dealt with draconian laws and harsh punishments.

Liberals who used to boast about being staunch defenders of free speech are now frantically looking for excuses to curb the freedom of speech. The liberals are even willing to start witch hunts against people who make funny gestures and since any object or gesture or word or symbol or number can be seen as a vehicle of thought crime or micro aggression the liberals are now living in a state of constant paranoia.

 How can this liberal totalitarianism then be explained.  - The explanation is actually very simple.

Both liberalism and leftism have their roots in the French revolution. The gospel of liberté, egalité, fraternité is only served slightly differently to different audiences – but the essence is still the same.

Therefore it is no wonder that now as the system is in a crisis the liberals are increasingly behaving like their ideological predecessors – the Jacobines.

There are several indications that liberals and leftists are basically the same thing.

Both ideologies believe in the so called progress as the  great narrative of all human history. For leftists and liberals alike, this progress means that the same social, economic, cultural and intellectual development that took place in Europe after the middle ages as capitalism and industrialization broke the traditional feudal world can be and should be universally applied to all societies on the planet.

Both ideologies place their faith on economy as the driving force of progress. It is the expansion of modern economy and industrial modes of production that will clear away the cobwebs  of superstition, suffocating traditions and oppressive social structures. Modern economy is believed to unify the world – that means to make it homogenous and raise it to a new level.

It is this shallow and superficial economism, which is the cornerstone of both modern leftism and liberalism. The simplistic belief that all human culture and social behaviour and interaction can be reduced to economics. Decorated with the sentimental cult of human rights.

The only difference is that liberals believe that the agent of progress is the middle class while leftists place their hope on the working class.

Therefore both camps also support globalization: The liberals expect that by creating a global middle class we can overcome the ghosts of our past, while the left calculates that through the industrialization of the III world one can create a global industrial proletariat which is the necessary prerequisite for a global revolution. Both also see the offshoring of western industrial production as a way of paying the moral debt the West owes to the developing world. The resulting unemployment in Europe and USA doesn't bother these bourgeois day dreamers.

In the final analysis it clear that both modern leftism and liberalism are secular religions, two different versions of the  same, age-old, manifest destiny ideology, western messianism,  which has its roots in Christianity.  As a result these dueling opposites, the Yin and Yang, the thesis and antithesis have acted  across the world as vehicles of forced modernization and westernization.

What about the European union then? – Stewing very nicely, eh !!!

The EU has been sold to us as a peace project – they even gave the Nobel peace prize to the damn thing! We are constantly reminded that we are somehow collectively in debt to the EU for the peace and prosperity we’ve been able to enjoy in western Europe all these years. We are emotionally blackmailed by the EU elite with simplistic claims that without obedience to the EU there will be a war in Europe again.

But this is where the supporters of the European Union deliberately confuse the cause and the effect.

And how? – Well, the founding of the  European Union itself  was the result of the overwhelming desire for peace Europeans felt after WWII and it is this determination never to have  a war in Europe again, this absolute conviction that Europeans are brothers and sisters and that they must never ever use violence against each other is what keeps the nations of the European Union from fighting each other even today.

But the EU bureaucrats themselves haven’t stopped one single war.
EU red tape hasn’t immobilized or demobilized one single aggressive army.
No EU state has refrained from attacking its neighbor simply because it would be a violation of the Maastricht Treaty.

I can only wonder what it would do to the legitimacy of the EU if people realized that even if EU, with all its bureaucrats, red tape, fancy offices, directives, commissioners etc. etc. would disappear into the thin air right at this very moment – the member states  still wouldn’t fight each other anymore.

The tragic irony is that the European Union is now quickly turning against its original idea of keeping peace in Europe.

At first the idea, that the EU was based on, was very noble and respectable:
Economic cooperation between sovereign nations.
But then this lofty ideal was hijacked by opportunistic bureaucrats, greedy capitalists and spineless politicians.

Suddenly economic cooperation between sovereign nations was not enough anymore –
oh no, they had to go all the way:
They had to have a single economy
they had to have a common currency
they had to have a federal Europe.

And now this ill-conceived concentration of political and economic power has actually caused more resentment and suspicion between Europeans than anything since WWII. The nations in Southern Europe are starving and the Greek people have been shamelessly and unjustly attacked in the media only to mislead the frustrated taxpayers of Central and Northern Europe. The Greek people have been dishonoured only to save the face of the EU oligarchs.

The lesson to be learned from all this is that after certain point the more you try to integrate Europe, the more you cause disintegration.

But just like any other greedy, self-perpetuating organism the EU refuses to admit its mistakes and tries to remedy the situation by concentrating power to itself even more. So when the next round of troubles begin it will be far worse than anything so far.

You know the liberal dogma: All people are equal – and alike!
 – that sentimental rubbish how we all cry and laugh and love and play etc. etc.
This shallow belief is the cornerstone and the downfall of the liberal system. During these last decades, as we have been forced to accept ever swelling masses of complete aliens to our homes and as we have had first hand experience of the results of western-style modernization in the developing world, it has become painfully clear to us that indeed people and cultures on this planet are very much different so much so that at times it is difficult to believe that we might even be the same species.

It has become clear that if we regard as a measuring stick the ability to create and maintain a modern industrial society, people, cultures and races are not alike and certainly not equal.

The repeated failures of the III World societies to emulate the western style modernization and industrialization indicate that most people on the planet are predestined to a life in mud huts or shanty towns – unless, of course, they manage to come to Europe where everything is provided for them free of charge.

A tell tale sign of the change in our intellectual paradigm, however, is that we are finally beginning to analyze civilizations without the traditional Marxist guilt or the official liberal optimism. We are able to see civilizations as they are – their weaknesses and strengths in all their subtle details – and we come to realize how difficult and virtually impossible it is to change them. We can now finally acknowledge that civilizations tend to repeat certain patterns of social behavior and group psychology over and over again. Only the surface, the trimmings change but the essence of the civilization remains the same.

We come to realize that civilizations are much more than just colorful clothes, spicy foods and exotic customs – civilizations are far more complex systems of behavior, social  psychology and emotional responses,  based on culture and race,  than your shallow Marxist or liberal observer could ever understand or accept.

We, however, can accept that the underlying cultural patterns, the building blocks of the civilization,  can be just as determining factors  for the success  of the civilization or an individual person as race.  And we can also accept that culture always, ultimately, reflects the character of the race.

Therefore, we can now, finally, appreciate the superior character of our civilization. Whatever Europeans have created on this planet cannot be copied simply by going through technical manuals,  the essence of Europe cannot be imitated by passing laws, the European spirit cannot be duplicated simply by wearing European clothes or building houses that look European.  The results of such attempts would only be a mockery, a sham, a grotesque joke, a crumbling façade in the  jungle.

Europe is always so much more and that is why outsiders, at the end of the day, cannot defeat Europe!

What about the Arab spring then - how does it affect our cause.

Arab spring came very suddenly and surprised us all. Equally surprising is how beneficial it can be to our cause. Arab spring helps us in two ways:


As the Arabic countries cease to function as states and become totally unable to guard their borders, demographic pressure against Europe grows tremendously. The Arab societies are becoming increasingly dysfunctional and unable to solve their economic problems under the growing strain of population explosion and civil war. As a result not only is the local population willing to try the perilous journey to Europe  but also virtually the whole Africa and Southern Asia is now able to pass through these countries and head to Europe.

This is why it is absolutely certain that in the future ethnic contradictions will dramatically grow.

And,  for humanitarian reasons – because the crossing of the Mediterranean claims human lives – the European Union most likely, at some point, will begin to help the immigrants to cross the sea and  arrive safely to Europe and then, in order to avoid overcrowding in the refugee camps in the Southern Europe, also begin to transport the refugees all over Europe using the collective European responsibility and the humanitarian crisis as a pretext or the Southern European countries simply let them pass through anyway.

The more there is state and EU -sponsored mass immigration, the more anger and resentment grows among the displaced natives of Europe. This, of course, will not go unnoticed by the powers that be and this is why the elite is willing to use increasingly harsh methods to crush the racist impulse and this will only sharpen the contradiction between the state and the people. Which of course serves our purposes very nicely.

In the past the state was able to usher the masses in the right direction by using the carrot and the stick – now due to the problems with the economy the carrot is more or less gone and all there is left is the stick.

The Arab Spring helps our cause in another interesting way.

As the Arab societies one after another plunge into protracted civil war the endless sectarian violence works as a perfect breeding ground for international terrorism, and even better: An increasing number of young Muslim men travel to these areas and join the fighting.

When these men return home, they have gone through a transformation – they will have become battle hardened veterans of global Jihad:
They know how to use weapons
They know how to organize themselves
and more than anything else – they fear no man and are not afraid to die.

Those who have stayed in Europe will admire them and learn from them – and so the Jihadist movement in Europe will take a great leap forward. It will become more bold, effective and deadly.

As the jihadist movement grows and becomes a truly formidable force, we try to make sense of the situation. We are then offered two different kinds of fairy tales is order to keep us calm.

There is the official line fed by the state which is the optimistic liberal lip service for diversity and multiculturalism – and dialogue between religions … yawn…

The more edgy version with some counter-cultural street credibility comes from the left, but it is still basically the same old broken leftist record  blaming us for everything bad on this planet, and the solution it offers us is that we should just roll over and die.

Needless to say, eventually people will grow tired of these explanations and begin to search entirely new kinds of answers – and we will provide them.


And finally.

In the field of media studies an interesting theory has been put forth. It has been suggested that emotions are becoming increasingly important in the western culture and the reason for this is because we are now entering the age of neo-romanticism.

And indeed if you think about it – Fantasy and the middle-ages are very much in vogue in popular culture and entertainment. Movies, TV series and computer games are rife with myths and  lore.  Computer games teach also - especially to young men - history, war, strategy, geopolitics and the art creating empires. And then we have subcultures like the Goths and of course the  Heavy Metal scene – especially Power Metal. Bearing all this in mind  it is clear that the change is in the air - something stirs in the North.

Now if we are really heading towards an age of neo-romanticism things get really interesting indeed!!!
Because we must remember that nationalism was the product of the age of romanticism.

As the age of reason and enlightenment ended in the chaos and madness of the French Revolution, the collective psyche of the Europeans began to seek answers elsewhere resulting in the romantic movement.

So if this theory is true, nationalists are about to hit the motherload of the collective European psyche, an immense reservoir of emotional energy and hidden undercurrents of the mind. Because nationalists are  the new romantic movement.

And indeed, if you really think about it, it is clear that we are leaving behind us the age of phony leftist reason and fake liberal enlightenment.

Leftism and Bourgeois liberalism,  the twin brothers of the French Revolution are showing their true nature once again – now as the material requirements to maintain and supply this “let’s-hold-hands-and-sing-kumbayah-we-are-the-world” – system are collapsing.

I started my speech by paraphrasing Karl Marx and now I would like to end my speech with another quotation -- This time from  Gandalf, because I feel that his words sum up very well the situation we are in now:

"The board is set, the pieces are moving. We come to it at last, the great battle of our time."