-Will there be an elite in a socialist society? The truth is that all political and economic power creates elites.

-When we reflect about whether there will be an elite in a socialist society we must ask, whether the revolution and the destruction of capitalist system require such an immense concentration of political, ideological and military power, that as a result there will be a new strong elite.

-We must make two revolutions: First bring down capitalism and crush its remnants through a dictatorship of the national proletariat. After this we must delegate the power back to the local communities, cooperatives, labour unions etc. This second revolution will be far more difficult than the first one.

-We must not let the revolution turn the Party into its own image.

-The dictatorship of the national proletariat is an indispensable first step on our way to an organic democracy.

-Once the power has been delegated back to the local communities, cooperatives, labour unions etc. the people will become the elite.

-History consists in struggle between the masses and the elite and between different cliques within the elite. As the people become the new elite, an elite that governs through organic democracy, this struggle will come to an end. This will be the prelude to the history of humankind.

-In order to survive, organic democracy will need a state to protect it.

-The biggest threats to organic democracy are those economic forces that go beyond the resources of the local community as well as an inbred fractionalism causing local anarchy. The answer to both of these problems is the existence of a state.

-The state will help fledgling democracies to overcome economic problems and to quell local anarchy.

-The state will give a reasonable protection based on law to the rights of individuals against local anarchy.

-The Party will lead the state without being the state.

-To protect the Party from corruption, its authority must be above all moral, not juridical.

-In order for the Party to lead effectively its moral authority must be centralized.

-The authority of the state is based on law and decentralized. The authority of the Party is moral and centralized.


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