The Nation and the Ethics of Socialism

- The nation is not an abstraction; it is real. It can be observed everywhere: In the people, in its land, in its culture, folk customs and language, in the fruits of its hard work and in its common memories.

- One cannot ignore the nation simply by reasoning or make it disappear by analyzing and reducing it to the individuals that compose it - the nation simply IS.

- A sterile intellect can never grasp the true essence of the nation - the nation must be experienced.

- The existence of the nation is based on the sense of community and longing for closeness, which both stem from the genetic basis of humankind. The very essence of the nation is solidarity, mutual respect and the sense of responsibility that people feel towards one another.

- The nation is not an accident of nature, but the logical climax of the biological, social and spiritual evolution of humankind.

- The nation is a community of mutual help and mutual dependence. One can measure a nation by the depth of the solidarity and co-operation that people show towards one another - the nation is an organic entity.

- The logical goal for the social and spiritual evolution of humankind is an ever- deepening sense of community and more complex co-operation.

- In a socialist system, the nation governs itself through the means of organic democracy.

- A socialist society is characterized by the notion of organic liberty. A socialist society, unlike a liberal capitalist one, places responsibility and duty towards one's fellow citizens before egoism and hedonism.

- In the last analysis, modern ecological socialism can be defined as a socialism based on biology itself.

- The development of the individual personality is based on the influence which society exerts upon the invidual. This is why the nation is the central element which enhances the social and spiritual growth of the individual citizen.

- The nation must not be mystified as the reactionary bourgeoisie often does.

- Reactionaries tend to mystify the nation, because they want to use the state as their instrument for reactionary class politics and oppression.

- The mystification of the nation by reactionaries is meant as opium for the working class.

- One must understand the nation as a product of material forces in history - this is the cornerstone of the progressive nationalism and progressive socialism.

- The working class must always be able to see its role as the fundamental force behind the nation and the nature of the material forces in history which have created the nation and the working class itself.

- The development of society and of its citizens requires that one is thoroughly conscious of how the nation has developed to its present form. This can best be understood within the framework of historical materialism.

- In order to exist and to develop, the nation must become conscious of itself, of its past, present and future - a nation that has been blinded by empty national myths cannot do this. It will then be merely a blind beast of burden for the reactionaries, who would exploit it for their own ends.

- For practical reasons, metaphysics must always be subordinated to physics.

- The revolution of science and technology has in the minds of most people either toppled God as the final ethical authority or, even more often, turned him in to a spineless liberal who nobody really listens to anymore.

- Ethical systems are products of material forces in history. As the revolutions of capitalism, science and technology have destroyed the religious basis for ethics in the minds of most people a modern socialist revolution must formulate a new system of social ethics.

- Loyalty towards one's fellow citizens, loyalty towards the nation and responsibility towards the ecosphere will be the concrete and durable basis for a new socialist system of social ethics.

- Socialist ethics are not based on esoteric beliefs, controversial dogmas or useless rituals out of touch with concret reality, but on the needs of the fellow citizen, the nation and the ecosphere.

- The development of a communitarian, secular and ecologically responsible system of social ethics will be a qualitative leap forward in the social and spiritual evolution of humankind.

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