Working Class, A National Class

- In the light of empirical evidence and in the analysis of historical materialism it can be said beyond any doubt that of all the social classes in society only the working class is by its nature truly national.

- As the globalization of economy advances fueled by the breakthrough of information technology it becomes ever more painfully apparent that the movements of the riches amassed by the capitalist class respect no national boundaries. Money has no nationality.

- Upper classes whether feudal or capitalist have always been cosmopolitan by nature. Aided by education and wealth the members of the upper classes have been able to mingle with their peers regardless of their respective nationality or citizenship.

- As compared to the capitalist class the middle class is totally dependent on the nation state and the social welfare structures it provides. But true to its nature the middle class keeps repeating like a parrot those anti- nation state platitudes which were taught to it by the capitalist class it so blindly admires.

- Traditionally the most fervent proponents of national nihilism have been the pseudo-intellectuals of the left deviation, the pampered offspring of the bourgeoisie.

- There is an old saying that upper classes everywhere are always alike. This also applies to the middle class which constantly tries to imitate the capitalist class. But the true essence of a nation can be observed in its great masses - whether they be peasants or workers.

- In the end it is exactly the one class which owns no capital nor harbors any false illusions that is entirely tied to the fortunes of the nation and the nation state - with this I mean the working class.

- The bottom of the barrel have been the peasants and the workers. They were always left behind, ridiculed, scorned and exploited and yet it was they who throughout world history have built the nations and defended them. - How could the working class be anything other than a national class ?

- For the Capitalist, the nation is merely a means to an end but for the working class it is always an end itself.

- The working class is the true embodyment of the nation !

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