Base areas and revolution

- Revolution in a modern society is based on creating a counter society in the base areas which are under the Party's control.

- Creating a base area is a rehearsal before taking over the whole society.

- The Party must not be a random shot in the dark, but an integral part of the everyday life of ordinary people.

- In order to survive, the Party needs people and land. This is why the Party's strategy for expansion must be based on taking over completely - physically and mentally- areas that will be carefully selected beforehand.

- In the base areas the Party can be a part of the everyday life of the people. Creating a base area is a challenge to the liberal-capitalist system. It is a challenge, which it can't meet without alienating the population.

- The base areas will be islands inside the deteriorating liberal-capitalist system. It is in the base areas that the Party will learn administrative functions.

- Creating base areas is possible, because the liberal-capitalist system has turned its back on ordinary people and their needs. To the liberal-capitalist system, people are fit only for production and consumption.

- The victory will belong to a party that will show true concern for ordinary people and for their needs.

- Creating base areas is necessary, because the deterioration of the liberal-capitalist >system will create a vacuum which otherwise will be filled by organized crime.

- We will triumph over organized crime, because we serve the people.

- At the first stage of the revolution, we will fight in the marginalized areas of the liberal- capitalist system: We will secure our position in society's periphery.

- The base areas will survive, because the liberal-capitalist system is in the process of destroying itself. We will grow stronger behind the facade of the crumbling system.

- Creating a base area will be begun by organizing a local Party chapter after which the organization will give a declaration concerning its goals and methods in the area.

- The military activities of the Party will be based at first on sports clubs. For historical reasons and in view of the instrument characteristic for the game cadres should start base ball teams.

- In the hands of the Party base ball will be transformed in to an instrument of national liberation.

- The first task the local Party organization has in the base area is restoring peace and order with optimally ruthless measures.

- After the people's needs for security have been taken care of, the local party

organization must pay attention to the people's material needs.

- A fundamental task for the Party in the base area is creating a Voluntary Labour Front.

Our motto will be: Every cadre is a worker, every worker is a cadre.

- The secret for the survival of the base area is in the relentless and unflinching work by

the cadres for the people in the base area.

- We will win over the hearts and minds of the people by working for them.

- The Voluntary Labour Front will be an organization which mobilises the skills and wisdom of its members in the aid of the local community in a systematic and effective way.

- TheVoluntary Labour Front will be Party's weapon in the struggle against social problems in the base area. The cadres of the Voluntary Labour Front have a duty to collect information about people who need help and report it to the local Party head- quarters.

- One must not think that waging a revolutionary war is more important than everyday work. The cadres must understand that it is for our right to work that we wage a revolutionary war.

- When the base area and the Party organisation have been secured, the cadres must take into consideration founding a non-profit bank for distributing interest-free money and in order to revive the local economy.

- The adoption of interest-free money will be a bold maneuver by the Party in the face of the international financial establishment.

- Interest-free money is an open challenge to liberal capitalism and to all the prevailing doctrines of the modern economic system.

- Interest-free money will be the downfall of the false god of capitalism.

- The Party must have concrete solutions for the problems and everyday needs of the people. If we fail locally, we won't be able run the state either.

- It is true that those who possess the capital will also possess the political power, but in the end true capital does not consist in bank notes, gold or stocks, but in the ability and willingness of millions of people to work and help others. When the Party will have this capital in its possesion, it will rule the world.

- The Party commands throbing hearts, strong arms and bright minds. The Party's capital consists in people, this is why the Party will triumph.

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