On Violence

- The first reason for using force will be very concrete. The enemies of the party and of the people must be crushed.

-The second reason for using force is propaganda. We must spread fear among our enemies and increase our support by reclaiming the streets from organized crime and other enemies of ordinary people.

- The third reason for using force is provocation: We must provoke the enemy to make mistakes and alienate themselves even more from the people, thus creating a void which the party will exploit to strengthen its base among the masses.

- A revolution will always by necessity be a violent process. This is why it is imperative from the very beginning to get used to the idea of using whatever means will be necessary to crush our enemies.

- Because of propaganda reasons, the Party must use force with especial caution in the early stages of the revolutionary process.

- The Party must win the confidence of the masses longing for security in uncertain times. It cannot afford to be cast in the role of a monster by its enemies.

- The Party must make sure that it's actions are acceptable to ordinary people, at the very least on an emotional or subconscious level. It is vital that the people really do understand that the cadres of the Party are fighting for them.

- A special case will be to punish those criminals which more or less corrupt judicial system of our time has left unpunished.

- While punishing criminals one must consider the pedagogical side of using force. The punishment must be severe enough to placate the justified anger of ordinary people as well as to paralyze organized crime with fear.

- The Party will act as the violent incarnation of the sense of justice of the people.

- The punishment must not consist of spontanious and arbitary acts of violence. Justice shall be done only after careful consideration by local organs of people's power.

- If necessary, the local chapters will act as temporary people's courts.

- The setting up of the people's courts will be an open act of defiance towards the decaying liberal-capitalist system. It will be a sign of the system fastly losing its credibility when confronted with a strong counter society.

- To retain its credibility, the system must necessarily use force against people's courts. Thus the system will get into an open conflict with the sense of justice of the people, incarnated in the people's courts.

- The system's struggle against the people's courts will alienate the people from the system. In the end the state will be reduced to an empty shell.

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