The Crisis of Capitalism Will Serve Our Cause

- The highest form of revolutionary conspirary consists in the revolutionaries working in order to strengthen the self-destructive tendencies of the capitalist system.

- "Give enough rope to the capitalist and he is sure to hang himself " this means that we must give the capitalist the time he needs to commit suicide.

- For tactical reasons we must oppose globalization, but for strategic reasons we must welcome it. This is called ' giving rope to the capitalist'.

- The most devious revolutionaries are actually those who join the capitalist camp and act just like any other capitalist but with an exeptionally ferocious and blatant zeal, thus strengthening the self-destructive tendencies of the system. These are those who have most profoundly understood the dynamics of the revolutionary process but will run the risk of being shot when the Party finally takes over.

- It would be short-sighted and foolish to even consider the possibility that the system could truly change its nature, at a minimum when faced with certain destruction. And it certainly can be called a crime to even hope that the system could correct at least its worst faults.

- True change will only come with the revolution and the road to this revolution will go through sharpening social conflicts. This why the Party must constantly provoke its advesaries, agitate the people and expose social problems. Every ostensible improvement in social relations before the revolution will only serve the needs of the capitalist class.

- Constant provocation is the best way for the Party to make the masses see the corrupt and oppressive nature of the system.

- We must not be afraid of economic crisis, indeed we must welcome them.

- An economic crisis always reveals the true nature of the system. During an economic crisis the activities of the capitalists are even more ruthless than in normal times. An economic crisis tends to give the capitalists an opportunity to rob the poor and increase their wealth even more than during a period when the economy grows.

- Economic crisis have a tendency of generating revolutionary awareness. The deteriorating economic situation of the working class and its subconscious anger will eventually result in out bursts of spontaneous violence. However the important thing is that the economic collapse will topple the ivory towers of middle class complacency.

- The power of the capitalist class is based on capital. Capital pays the wages of the soldiers, the police, the journalists and the entertainers. The one who controls capital will as well have control over the dominant set of values in a given society. We can see that the power of the capitalist class is both direct and indirect in its nature.

- The total collapse of the economic system and of the state in the last stage of capitalism will reveal that the seemingly eternal and permanent power capital was , after all, only an illusion.

- As the crashing share values and hyperinflation wreck the monetary system, the capitalist class will lose its only weapon Ð capital. They will be left defenceless at the mercy of the revolutionary forces.

- When the bubble of the stock exchange markets bursts, the only real force left will be the Party.

- The value of money and shares is only an agreenment based on trust. As the collapse of economy will send waves of hysteria through the world this trust will be lost because the capitalists were not worthy of it, their hegemony will be over.

- In the end the Party will triumph, because the PartyÕs capital is the people.

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