Problems of Socialism

-One of the great stumbling blocks of the socialist movement is the Oedipus Complex prevalent in it. - Every young socialist seems to be affected by it.

-Common tendencies within the mentality of radical leftism are the healthy and youthfull desire to shake obsolete and reactionary belief systems on the one hand, and a nihilistic frenzy to wipe out everything remotely traditional on the other.

-History teaches us that you can't defeat history. There is no void where one could create social structures without history or past. All efforts to do so will lead to disaster.

-A true socialist must always reflect on how he or she could learn from the past, so that socialism could develop naturally and organically based on the concrete historical experience of the nation.

- The second biggest mistake in building socialism lies in a purely theoretical approach that ignores experience and conventional logic.

-The biggest mistake in building socialism lies in trying to create an unorganic, cosmopolitan socialism lacking roots in the concrete history of ordinary people.

-A true socialism can only be built on a national basis guided by the historical experience of the people and of the nation.

-Cosmopolitan socialism and capitalism are basically the same. They will fall, because they have no roots in real life and lack organic cohesion.

-The relationship between historical materialism and national spirit is the same as the relationship between matter and energy. They are the opposite sides of the same coin.

-A healthy nationalism must not consist merely in idealistic daydreaming. Nationalism must be connected with the real world by using the methodology of historical materialism.

-The reactionary nationalism of the bourgeoisie must be replaced with a progressive socialist nationalism.

-In the light of historical materialism we can see how the nation and the nation state are the climax of the intellectual and social evolution of humankind.

-Only when capitalism has been replaced with socialism the nation will truly be free to express itself and develop without restraint.

-The ideology of the Party must be materialistic in method and truly national in spirit.

-Traditionally historical materialism and nationalist thinking have had a dualist thesis- antithesis-relationship. Once this dualism vanishes and a new synthesis is formed, an entirely new world will come about.

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