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Short History of Cosmology in South Finland

  Some people outside of Finland have found us and those people can't read Finnish. So I try to put the whole universe on one sheet and tell something about us.

"Pääsivu" is the enter to our universe. There are links to the our latest stories.

Under the header "Seura" there is a funny story, how all this began.
We just wanted to see stars but the light pollution troubled. We could
accept the midnight sun in summers and nothern lights in winters but we could not tolerate streetlights around our backyards. So the circumstances forced us to go into dark forest. If you go there on a starry night and calm down, you see that you are in the center of darkness. But don't be quiet for too long, the bears may think that you are a carcase.

After the BIG BANG, there has not happened much before our society. At 29th March 2003, there was A smaller flash. Some of our members saw it. It was GRB030329.

"Tähtikuvia" page includes more or less succeeded astrophotos.

"Torni" page includes another funny story about how to get almost a free astronomical observatory. Main point is that you have to steal it or make it yourself or both.

"Kuvagalleria" includes pictures of our dome operation.

"Muuta" page includes miscellaneous descriptions and instructions. Now there are:

Steering to the big one mount
The Background image of the mobile
Tuning the camera
Motorized mounting for 10" Newton, based on steppers.
Experiences about using modified Toucam.
Story of Lidl department store telescope.
How to modify Toucam Pro.
How to improve the Lidl telescope.

Because of natural self-effacement, the last "Yhteistiedot" page tells
who we are (twelve guys from Gyro Gearloose house). Names and addresses are here.



The President of the Universe









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