Hiljainene Kevat - Sininen

Record Label: Poverty Records

Review: This band from Finland sent me their CD to review and enclosed a little note about the band's history (and it's been my experience that the less crap the band encloses with their CD the better they sound - the worst band I've ever heard sent me 3 promo sheets, a button, a patch and a poster). The first thing that this little note says is that this band started out as a Terveet Kadet cover band in 1997. Fuck yeah! Since then, they started writing their own songs (keeping them sounding like the old Terveet Kadet classics - or so it says) and released this, their first, CD which has 15 songs (including 3 Terveet Kadet covers). Apparently Laja (who sang for Terveet Kadet I think) is a good friend of the band. So I had pretty high expectations when I put the CD in and pressed play - and you know what, the CD is fucking great!! Playing all those Terveet Kadet covers paid off because they sound like they were around in the early 80's instead of the late 90's. If you're into Kaaos, Terveet Kadet, Rattus and other oldschool European thrash, you'll love this CD. 7 stars (out of 10)
Reviewed By: M-8

I Also Recommend : Kaaos, Terveet Kadet

Fave Songs: Punainen Helvetti, Kesa, Lakkoja, Ongelma, Ulkmailta, Kosektuksen Puute, Hantri Tappaa, Maailmanloppua Estimassa