Hiljainen Kevat - Raippatanhut
Record Label HK Records

The band that originally started out as a Terveet Kadet cover band (not a bad place to start) has released their second CD. The info sheet (one sheet ?) that came with this gave some background information on the recording process for this album. Originally this was recorded last year, but they couldn't get the "right" sound so they re-recorded this album with a new lineup. Not to drop any names, but the singer for this band (Astro) also recorded with Rattus. Anyway, that's all well and good, but here's the part that caught me off guard: "Our singer prepared himself for these recordings by listening to Elvis' music from 60's and 70's." So with that Elvis thing in mind, I put the CD in and to my surprise the 15-song CD is only 12 minutes long. Musically they try to mix a lot of different elements (blues, old rock-n-roll, some jazz even) with great oldschool Finnish thrash. I like it. While I was a little hesitent at first, after listening to this CD twice in a matter of 25 minutes, it grew on me. Their first album was pretty much like their TK covers - really fast. By this point, it's clear that they have become more accomplished musicians and are growing as band. And they're growing in the right direction. Good for them. 8 stars (out of 10)

Reviewed By: M-8

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Fave Songs Jean Genetille, Prahan Kevat, Tuulee, Voo Doo Jazz, Lahti, Sirius