I don’t know…this seems very funny and not serious to me. There are 15 songs on this CD, and they are all together 10 minutes long (!), only one song is longer then 1 minute! They say that Hiljainen Kevät are sounding like Finnish band called Terveet Kädet, but I wouldn’t know since I never heard of them. Anyway, they are playing hardcore with bad production and ugly vocals. As I said before, this is all pretty silly to me - just check out the track titles: Perverssi, Maailmanloppua etsimässä…or the line-up: Järvinen, Inehmo, Rossinpoika and Astro. HA HA HA, sorry guys but it’s very funny for me…it’s even funnier than Hungarian language!…..Vlada
Astro Lihjamo, Pappilanniementie 13 A7, 42700 Keuruu, Finland