About two years ago Astro, the vocalist of Hiljainen Kevät, told me about this band that was set up to play hardcore along the legacy of Terveet Kädet, the most classic of all Finnish hardcore bands from the early '80s and I got very interested. Astro has played in a couple of cult bands since the heyday of punk and moved into releasing various styles of music with his Bassmania Records. After Bassmania folded, he got back into making music. It took a couple of years for Hiljainen Kevät to make a demo and finally this debut CD. and yes, it is what I expected. Hardcore in the Terveet Kädet vein, with three Terveet Kädet covers as well as Läjä of TK supplying lyrics for a couple of HK originals. 15 songs in approx. 10 minutes, with a sound that reminds me of the sound of the first Terveet Kädet recordings.... This is more punk than any Swedish half-assed Discharge rip off. However, when you look at the sleeve you'd never think it was a hardcore record. There's a sauna door (I think) with a big blue bucket of rain water, in a very Finnish landscape and atmosphere. I love this record. Again, Astro and his gang have made something that will be remembered as legendary. Astro likes to adjust a quote from an old blues legend:"B. B. King has said you have to be 50 to be able to play the blues. I think you have to be 35 to play hardcore." For more information, in Finnish, visit: http://www.kolumbus.fi/artoli/index.htm. MCD, in Finnish [self financed, HK-1] tl