Fin lure coursing Ch Besties Fortuna, " Finni "
16.3.1998 - 9.12.2011

( 47.6 cm )
Eyes tested and ok (January 2006)
Finni has taken part in a canine genetic program by giving a blood sample for research done by Hannes Lohi, PhD, Docent


Pedigree and littermates

Finni is most interested in chasing the lure and she has definitely been the best working Whippet we have ever had. She does her best every time. During her lure coursing career she has been injured twice and both times she ran all the way to the lure with an excellent point score although two of her toes were out of place for one example!

Finni was almost tailormade for me. Her mother, being also whiteheaded, was so funny looking that I wanted to have another bitch coloured like that. Then Finni was born and I had what I had been asking for.

Finni has succeeded most in lure coursing. She has reached 5 CAC's and multiple excellent final placements with 8 SQ's, although she usually has been in season in the middle of summer. She earned her champion title in March 2004.

Finni has also gained a racing license, but has participated only few races.

She has concentrated in coursing, but visited show rings few times too. Best show result for her has been CAC ja 3rd Best Bitch.

Her first litter was born in November 2001.

Her next litter and eventually the last was born in April 2003.

Finni at 8 years of age in June 2006

She is now retired from lure coursing because of her age and after loosing a teeth, also for showing...
Well, she was shown by our 9 year old daughter Nilla at Specialty 2009 with the result Excellent 4th just after all show champions. Not bad for a working bred Whippet and a yound handler first time in the ring!

Still going strong at 11 years of age


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