Born 30.5.2005

Kenneth, Elmo, Into, Leevi and Ronja 3.9.2006

3 males + 1 female

Besties Into-Mieli

show Excellent in Junior Class
officially measured 48.6 cm
lure coursing CQ

Besties Ihme-Tyyppi

Besties Iso-Onni
Besties Ilta-Tuuli

Show Good from Open Class

Sire: Fin Ch Andantino Corsaro
  • officially measured 50.9 cm
  • racing and lure coursing lisence
  • nice temperament
Dam: Besties Galatea
  • officially measured 46.2 cm
  • show CAC, many excellents
  • racing lisence, 5 times lure coursing CQ
  • lovely temperament, healthy

Pedigree of this litter



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