BH Besties Galatea, " Ronja "
( 46.2 cm )

Born 26.11.2001

Ronja has taken part in a canine genetic program by giving a blood sample for research done by Hannes Lohi, PhD, Docent


Ronja is a very classical bitch of a correct size and charming temperament. She is extremely agile and loves to twist and turn around bushes etc. She is easy to train because of her strong will to please and she also seems to like every activity she has been introduced to. We have trained obedience with her and she passed her BH test as a second Whippet in Finland. She is the most enjoyable companion in every way.

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Comments Birgit Wamberg (Fairway Whippets, Denmark) 13.7.2003:

Excellent type, very harmonious and elegant bitch. Typical head, nice little ears, long neck, excellent bone structure, balanced angulation fore and after. Moves with a long steps and quite sound.


Comments Eva Yacoby (Cobyco Whippets), Specialty 9.6.2007:
resCAC, BIS Working Class

Fawn brindle. Well balanced bitch. Good head. Needs a little more underjaw. Good infill in front. Deep brisket. Correct topline. Moved well with exc. forward reach.


Lure coursing results 6x SQ, racing license

Character test passed
BH test passed
Competing in obedience

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