Welcome to the Bridgettine Convent Guest House

Have you thought of spending some time in calm and quietude? Or are you a tourist staying a while in Turku? If your answer is positive, then you are welcome to the Bridgettine sisters' guest house in Turku. You can also take part in the regular prayer life of the convent.

Running a guest house has always been part of the convent tradition. Catholic monasticism was discontinued over a period of several centuries in Finland but has been resumed (1986) through the founding of a nunnery in the Catholic parish of Turku.

The convent guest house can accommodate 50 guests at a time and offer modern facilities with a library, conference room, TV-room etc. It is open all the year round. The sisters welcome persons of every age, nationality and faith, either in groups or individually.

The convent is located in the heart of Turku, distance to the market square appr. 0,5 kilometres, to the railway station 300 metres, to the harbour appr. 2 kilometres and to the airport appr. 8 kilometres.