Bloodshot Eyes was formed in summer 1992 only for one gig. Because the men's feet were slapping against the floor almost the same time, the band was officially formed in the fall of the same year.

In the original line-up there was Good Rockin' Kempas, Roy Fish Loikala, Pete Loikala and Tomi Salonen.

In year 1993 bass player Pete Loikala was replaced by Timo Ilves and soon after that the membership was increased with saxophone player named Juha Hostikka, who is nowadays a quite famous opera singer. The gigs took place mostly in Helsinki, few gigs in Lahti and Järvenpää.

The debut album 'Are You What' was flown out to market in October 1994. The recordings session were made in two days at Hitsville Studios in Helsinki in July 1994. By the end of the year along came pianist Harri "Boogie Boy Harris" Saanio with his boogie-woogie fingers. The gigs were doubled from the last year, quantity was about 50. There were many good places to play the blues at that time in Helsinki: Hot Tomato Jazz Club, Blues Café, Café 52, Orfeus, Storyville…

In the beginning of year 1995 their bass player Timo Ilves moved to monastery to be a monk, so the place for a big fiddle player was opened to a man named Juha Alanne. In the spring of the same year Hostikka was replaced by Lehtoranta and Teemu Tolonen himself crowded into their rehearsal cabin with his trombone. They made gigs all over the country. At the Olympic Stadium they took part of charity concert for misled youngsters.

Because mister Saanio left them in 1996, the band lost its piano and pianist for awhile. Among the other gigs, they performed at PuistoBlues Festival for the very first time.

Year 1997 was spent doing gigs and rehearsing the material for the next CD. Bloodshot Eyes' second album 'Ain't That Thing Too Cool For You' was recorded in December 1997 and was published in February 1998.

In the middle of the year 1998 the band lost its bass player again. Monsieur Alanne started his duties as a comprehensive school teacher, so Lasse Sirkko made a nest in his place. Soon after that Antti "The Snout" Kämäräinen came and took a strong hold of his piano with his both hands.

During the year 1999 there were lots of performances in clubs as well as at festivals like PuistoBlues, Elojazz&blues, Ruskaswing… The most rememberable performaces were at PoriJazz festival where they played also as rhythm and blues legend Nappy Brown's orcherstra in his show. Part of the band also made a onetime production without prejudice with Spanish flamenco dancer Leonor Moro. The band was playing the blues and the dancer made a pure flamenco choreography to it.

In the year 2000 "doctor" Tolonen was moved to town of Tampere to be a pathologist - leaving the band to snack the tone without a trombone.

In the summer of '02 Pasi Lehtoranta decided to travel to Lapland to be a member of military orchestra and left by will his place to the saxophone artist called Jarmo Rouvinen.

In fall 2003 the piano player Kämäräinen left the band to build up his well-earned solo career and the band decided not to hire a new piano player.

Juho Hurskainen and his tenor sax joined the band in 2003 to play gigs by turns with mister Rouvinen.

In 2006 Rouvinen changed his instrument to Baritone Sax and so the band had then two horns to blow away everybody's brains.

Nobody noticed when Secret Agent Hurskainen sneaked out of the band sometime in 2009-2010. Mister Ville Hovi has played sax in their gigs since then.

Lasse Sirkko wrap up his double-bass as a Bloodshot Eyes bassist in spring 2010 and out of nowhere crawled a brand-new low note genius Iiro Kautto.

The annual "bassist swap week" in 2011 brought us Mikko Murtomaa with his fluttery beard.

The annual "bassist swap week" in 2012 brought us Iiro Kautto without fluttery beard.

Mister Rouvinen leaved the band in spring 2013 leaving the responsibility of the horn department to the wide shoulders of Ville.

In the beginning of the year 2014, mister Tomppa "Tom Python" Salonen resigns after 22 years of service. Jani Ahtiainen signs a 50 years contract with the band as a drum artist. Mister Rouvinen came back as chief sax player, while Ville took a hike. The annual "bassist swap week brought us Juuso Haapasalo with his semi-fluttery beard.