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Name                 Boris Georg Leo WINTERHALTER


Position              Retired from Senior Research Scientist and Coordinator for national

                           and international marine geological research at the Geological Survey

                           of Finland.


Born                   03.07.39, Käkisalmi, Finland


Nationality         Finnish


Education          Primary and secondary school: The English School in Helsinki

                           High school: Andra Svenska Lyceum, Helsinki

University level: Helsinki University, M.Sc, Ph.D. in geology

                           Majors in:    hardrock geology, mineralogy and surficial geology

                           Minors in:    geophysics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy

Masters thesis (1965) on Fe-Mn-concretions in the northern Baltic Sea;

UNESCO fellowship in marine geology (1966);

Doctorate thesis (1972) on marine geology, sediments and

bedrock of the Bothnian Sea, northern Baltic Sea.


Academics         Lecturing in many short courses on marine geology, geophysics and other marine oriented topics. Opponent in academical dissertations (4 times: once in Helsinki, three times in Stockholm and once in Tallinn). Nominated docent (associate professor) in marine geology at the University of Helsinki.


Languages         Fluent (spoken and written) in Finnish, Swedish and English,

(spoken) Russian and to some extent German.


Qualification:     Since 1962 annual participation in multi-disciplinary oceanographic research cruises and working with various aspects of marine research. Organization of research projects, international conferences locally and abroad, etc.


Specialty: Marine geological surveying (mapping) with equipment ranging from echosounders and side scan sonars to continuous seismic profiling and sonobuoy refraction technique. Marine sampling, ranging from water bottles to piston coring, vibro-hammer coring, and dredging etc.

Underwater photography and video techniques, special lighting requirements in turbid waters, ROV's, etc. SCUBA diving, marine navigation and positioning.

Computerized marine data acquisition and processing, geological profile presentation and map production (incl. GIS).


Publication activity: over 70 articles and publications including scientific papers on subjects ranging from bedrock geology, to recent marine sediments, including marine aggregate extraction, ferro manganese nodules, and marine geological processes, and articles on underwater photography, marine geological and geophysical methods, marine geochemistry, environmental questions incl. global change, etc.


Teaching and lecturing: Attendance since 1966 in numerous international geological and marine conferences of both scientific, engineering and "bureaucratic" nature. Including presentation of papers on topics related to various aspects of marine geology and geophysics, also as invited speaker.

Lecturing on marine geological methods and results at university level, and also for technical personnel (e.g. on echo-sounding techniques, Yangtze River flood protection, and Tanzania Electric Company)


Project activity: marine geological survey projects for government and private institutions including pipeline and cable routing surveys, aggregate reserve assessments etc. Evaluation of the Taiwanese Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion project. Consultant on marine research to shipyards in Finland, including design of manganese nodule collectors for the Rauma-Repola Yard. Chief scientist on joint Fenno-Russian environmental marine geological studies in the Pechora Sea.


International activities: Evaluation of the state of marine geology in the Philippines and suggestion for a reorganization (study made for the Asian Development Bank in 1983). Participation in oceanographic cruises on research ships of various nationalities in various parts of the world. Member of the BASYS-project steering committee (MAST III) and coordinator of sub-project 7 of BASYS (1996-1999) (

Appointed in 1996 member of the Legal and Technical Commission of the International Seabed Authority, UN. (


Countries visited in a professional context: Antarctica, Argentina, Australia incl. Tasmania, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, UK, USA (mainland and Hawaii), and USSR (Russia),.

                           Membership: (past and present)

- National Committee on Geological Sciences

- National Committee on Marine Research

- National Committee on Fenno-Soviet scientific and technical cooperation on Arctic Marine Resources.

                           - National Committee on Polar Research

                           - National Science Committee on Antarctic research.

                           - National IOC/SCOR Committee

                           - IGCP on Manganese Marine Minerals

                           - Society of Underwater Technology, UK

                           - International Marine Minerals Society

                           - International Ocean Technology Congress

                           - various professional societies in Finland

- co-founder of Finnish Society of Marine Science and Technology


                           Social Status:         Married (in 1961), wife Raija Kaarina, four children: "Mia" Anna Maria (b. -62), Paula Christina (b. -64), "Kati" Lea Katrina (b. -68) and Jani Mikael (b. -73), and best of all 12 grandchildren


                           Contact:    email:

                                                tel. +358-0-8053442, mobile +358-40-511-6859

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