The LEO Prize

On May 2nd and 3rd 2006 a climate seminar in connection with the launching of the LEO Prize by Professor G”sta Wallin was held at the Geovetarcentret (Gothenburg University). Several speakers, with MIT Professor Richard S. Lindzen in the front line, presented their critical views on the present hot topic of global climate change.

The overheads of the three lectures (as PDF files) given by Richard Lindzen can be downloaded (links from the programme, and also the presentation by Boris Winterhalter in PDF format.

Scientific seminars

May 2 and May 3 at the Earth Science Center, Guldhedsgatan 3-5


Tuesday May 2


10.00 George Veronis: The energetics of double diffusion.

11.00 Johan Nilsson: On the forcing and stability of the thermohaline circulation.

11.45 Lunchbreak


13.15 Boris Winterhalter: On the climate during Holocene. (5.53 MB)

14.15 Coffee

14.30 Richard S Lindzen: On the Nature of Climate Change (1.29 MB).

15.30 Peter Winsor: On the stability of the Arctic Ice cover.

Wednesday May 3

Climate continued:

10.00 Richard S Lindzen: How can climate models fail? (2.15 MB)

11.00 open time

13.00 Prize ceremony in Wallenberghallen

13.15 Presentation of the prize winner and delivery of the prize, followed by a Public lecture by the prize winner Richard S Lindzen over the topic: Climate Alarm and Scientific Illiteracy, or The Revenge of Underappreciated Scientists. (1.79 MB)

14.15 Break for coffee.

15.00 Short contributions regarding e.g. independency in climate science. (B.Winterhalter on Finnish climate policy) (593 KB)

17.00 The End

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