Short description

Name : Boris Georg Leo Winterhalter

Job title : Retired Senior Research Scientist

Key responsibilities : To develop, coordinate, and conduct marine geological research in cooperation with colleagues from the Geological Survey of Finland and other national institutions and to continue to improve international cooperation and relations with colleagues abroad.

Employment history and tasks

I have been employed at the Geological Survey of Finland GSF since the mid sixties, first as a junior marine geologist, but later as the head of the marine geology group. A major task during many years was the development of marine geological research at the Survey with special emphasis on offshore mapping of the seabed within the Finnish EEZ. The duties included acquisition of research equipment ranging from vessels to acoustic profilers, positioning and other equipment. Due to the special conditions prevailing in the Baltic Sea, some of this equipment had to be designed and constructed "in-house". This included various sampling, coring, and underwater photographic and video gear, and even a ROV with 300m depth capability already in 1967.

Computerisation of marine geological and geophysical data acquisition and processing was an integral part of the activities already in the early seventies. The latest addition to acoustic profiling is the MD DSP, developed by Meridata in cooperation with GSF and Dr Tom Flodén (Stockholm University).

During my younger years I used to work each year for several months on board the old Finnish r/v Aranda, Conducting acoustic profiling and seabed sampling during multidisciplinary cruises organised by the Finnish Institute of Marine Research (FIMR). As a result, I wrote my Licenciate-thesis on ferro-manganese concretions found in the waters around Finland. In the seventies and eighties marine geology at the GSF was mainly geological mapping of the Finnish marine area. My doctoral thesis (1972), The Geology of the Bothnian Sea, was a byproduct of this research. The vessels Kaita and Geola were used extensively. in the mapping of Quaternary sediments and commercially exploitable sand and gravel resources.

Later, as a Senior Research Scientist, I became more and more involved in international cooperation especially within Baltic Sea marine geology. As a result I was made coordinator of sub-project 7 , Paleoenvironment of the Baltic Sea, part of a EU funded MAST project: BASYS , Baltic Sea Systems Study. I have now (1st Nov. 2002) retired, but I still feel that geology and science can be both a profession and a hobby. Due to my love for work at sea, I have always enjoyed participation in research cruises. Especially the new r/v Aranda, built in 1990 for the Finnish Institute of Marine Research, is very much to my liking.

My CV provides some information on my past activities and my literary activites are listed under REFERENCES

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