Examples of study tours arranged for: 


Planning of the travel program / guiding 






Bund Schweizer Architekten - Zürich, Switzerland 



less than 8 hours 

EUR 50 / h 

Hamburgischen Architektenkammer, Germany 



1-day program 

EUR 400 - 700 

Politecnico di Torino, Italy 



2-day program 

EUR 700 - 1 000 

Fachhochschule Darmstadt, Germany 



3-day program 

EUR 1 000 - 1 300 

Ordine Architetti della provincia di Treviso - Treviso Association of Architects, Italy 


Longer tours upon agreement

BYKO Construction Company, Iceland 





Volker Stevin Construction Company, the Netherlands 



Technische Universität Wien, Austria - to study new wooden buildings 



1 hour 

EUR 300 

Cobow, the Dutch Building Newspaper and the Dutch



2 hours 

EUR 400

Association for Social Building Industry, the Netherlands -





to study building during the winter





Ministery of Finance, State of Israel - to study office buildings and landscape offices 





Cellcom, Israel





Individuals and private groups










"Finland - A Cultural Guide", Otava Publishing House, 2003 


Fees include 22% Value Added Tax 

Magazine articles and book chapters in professional and general media



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