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Happy New Year 2008 to all!


* Quick visit to see Simba's & Lulu's babies. Look new pictures (be patient, new ones are at the end in photogallery). What a beautiful puppies they are, we are so proud of them! Puppies home is in Besamano's kennel.

* New picture of Otto, thank you Satu!


Merry Christmas to all!


Look our shih tzus happy Xmas elf video! Enjoy your season holidays!


More lovely baby news!!

Our Sasu's daughter "Tellu" was in ultrasound and she is waiting puppies with Nuppu's brother Yngve. So all sisters, cousin's, uncles, aunties, grandpas and grandmas in here wish all to best for becoming babies. Puppies shoud born on week 2, january 2008.

Please go and find more information from Tatokasin website.


First pictures of Simba's & Lulu's babies. Thank you Sari for taking such a good care of small ones. They are extra cute!


We are so pleased to tell that last night Lulu and Simba had 3 beautiful babies in Besamano's kennel! All is well with mother and babies at the moment.

Simba is now father of 1 golden girl and 2 gold & white boys! Also granny Bona and greatgranny Hippu are so proud here at home as well as rest of us. More pictures will follow later.



Happy birthday Finland! Today is 90th anniversary of Finnish independence.


We receive picture greeting from "Suska", her reg.name is Camelle Racy Babe. Her breed is The Sacred Cat of Birman. Suska is mother of many beautiful kittens in FIN* Dariadream's kattery. She and her littermates celebrate there 10 years birthday last summer. Thank you for owners taking care of these little ones so well.



Today we had nice news. Lulu, the girlfriend of Simba has been in ultrasound and there is definitely puppies coming. Puppies shoud born on week 50. You will find more information of Lulu from Besamano's kennel.


Stella stop by and result was her lovely new look. Thank you for visiting us, she is so well taken care of! Stella is from Hippu's first litter and full sister to Pontus & Altzu.


Lahti Int show, Bona did well again in veteran class, best female veteran and BOS veteran. She was also best female 3. Judge Johan Juslin, Finland


Seinäjoki Int show, Bona was shown first time in veteran class and for our happiness she was Best Of Breed veteran!! She also beat the young ones and was best female 2. Judge Cindy Pettersson, Sweden.


Nuppu was today at her official health check. We are proud to announce that she is healty and beautiful, very suitable becoming mother! He results can be found from here.
Nuppu käväisi tänään virallisissa terveystutkimuksissa ja olemme iloisia tuloksista, kauneutensa lisäksi Nuppu on terve näiden tutkittujen asioiden suhteen. Tulokset on luettavissa Nupun sivuilta.


The first snow for this winter has fall today and it made our shih tzus happy!


Simba had a lovely
lady visitor and now we hope for little babies to be born at Besamano's kennel.


Congratulations Simba -  Kemi group show best male 2 today! Well done!


Happy birthday Sasu, Bona & Mimmi. Today 8 years!


Happy birthday darling Hippu! Today 13 years!

aHippu13vuotta2007.jpg (17038 bytes)


Tervakoski Int show, Bona Best female 2  & res.Cacib (will be change to cacib in FCI). Judge Kristiina Alhberg.


Champion page updatet


Happy birthday Simba, Merlin, Elmeri, Vallu & Sissi. Today 5 years!


Back from holiday "on the road".

As you can see we did have fun.

Most lovely moments were when we visit Hankasalmi show at 21th of July. Bona was Best of Breed and Nuppu sencond best female with her last CC and she gained her champion title just few weeks over 2 years!

we are so proud of our beautiful girls!

Bona Best of Breed (above on left and below on right)

Just made champion - Fin Ch Fossella I Have A Dream

I give all credit of her to her breeder, Bodil Fossenius. She would be so pleased to see both, Pepsi (Ch Fossella The Beat Goes On) and Nuppu gained there champion title in same weekend. Congratulations Pepsi & Ulla!

Thank You everyone for sending me so many congratulations!


Happy birthday Pontus, Altzu, Bobby, Timi, Stella & Bea. Today 10 years! Hippu sends special greetings to her first children.


Juva Int show, Bona Best female 1, BOS  & Cacib.
Judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.

JuvaKv07072007Bona.jpg (61537 bytes)



Two years ago, I got picture of beautiful just born baby girl with her littermates. Good friend of mine send it to me. She told me, you can choose of one these baby girls. But I fell for the little baby girl and I really had any choice, Nuppu was the one for us.

I wish I could tell friend of mine how much I love this little girl, how happy she is and loved, just wanted to tell it one more time to her. Thank her to trusting Nuppu to us, she is something very special as you were also. We miss you Bodil.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE! 4.7.2007 - 11 years!




Happy birthday Otto, Viljami, Miki & Maikki. Today 5 years!



Quick visit at south of Sweden. See pictures from  Swedish Shih Tzu Club Södra Kretsen speciality show 20.5.2007.

Picture gallery - do not use pictures without asking from me.


Jonna was in unofficial Match Show with Nuppu and they won child & dog class!

Picture gallery - do not use pictures without asking from me.


Miki stop by and result was his new haircut ;)


Well done Otto & Satu! Best Male 4 in Lahti Int. show.


Good luck Vallu to your new home with Christine and Alex Garry/Rygar shih tzu in U.K.


Welcome Lulu & Hamtaro, new members of our family. They are campbell's dwarf hamster, born on 15.3.2007.

Firefly's Lorraine
Firefly's Lyra

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