Her first litter, 2 girls & 4 boys.

"Hippu" has 10 children and lots of grandchildren and grandgrandchildren.

First litter she got with Ch. Mei-Liz Tam-Hsi-Lee. Six puppies two girls, solid gold and black/white, four boys three solid gold and one black/white.

Hippu with her puppy "pontus"


Katajalehdon Andromeda  "Stella"  owned by family Polvinen
Katajalehdon Kassiopeia    "Bea"  owned by family Särkijärvi


Katajalehdon Pegasus    "Bobby" owned by Maila Heinonen
Katajalehdon Kefeus       "Tim"  owned by Anneli Okkonen
Katajalehdon Arcturus    "Pontus"  owned by me & Juha Mäkelä
Katajalehdon Altair           "Altzu"  owned by me

Puppies dinner

Father of the the second litter was U.K. import Ch.Hashanah Bee Unique

Swedish Champion Hashanah Bee Unique

01.10.1999 "Hippu" gave birth to four puppies, two boys and two girls. All solid gold, one gold with little white. Birth of the puppies was difficult for "Hippu". I decided not to have puppies from her anymore.

Hippu with the new born babies


Camelle Unusual One  "Mimmi"  owned by Maria Kiuru
Fin Ch Camelle UpTown Girl  "Bona"  owned by me


Fin Ch JV-00 Camelle Unique Boy  "Sasu"  owned by me and Aila Mäkelä
Camelle Upper Class  "Upi" was owned by family Sydänneva. He died in accident 02.04.2000

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