The Dogs / Koirat

The males / Urokset The Females / Nartut
Ch Carnoustie´s Attired By Frost Ch Carnoustie´s Silver Flower                   
J Ch Carnoustie´s Dark Moon Shining Carnoustie´s Ray of Light
Carnoustie´s Carry On Ch Carnoustie´s La Traviata
Carnoustie´s Echnaton
Ch Carnoustie´s La Dolce Vita
Ch JV-09, V-09 Carnoustie´s Solitaire
Retired males Carnoustie´s Nefertiti 
Ch Carnoustie´s Object of Desire at Corydon Ch Rejejs Joie De Vivre for Carnoustie
      Rejejs Niagara Song
Our friend´s dogs available at stud   Kapriz Ekateriny Limelight Carnoustie
Ch Carnoustie´s Love Is  My Desire Carnoustie´s La Dolce Fiore
Ch BH Carnoustie´s Double-O-Seven Carnoustie´s Frosted Joy
Carnoustie´s Aphrodite

Puppies & Litters / Pentuja & Pentueita

Puppies / Pentuja About us / Meistä
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Updates / Päivitykset

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Contact us / Yhteystiedot:

Susanne Roos & Thomas Strömberg
FIN-68600 Jakobstad, Finland
Phone: +358 (0)40 761 2801
email: carnousties.collies(at)
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