(almost 10 years old in the picture)

C.I.B. FI RU EE LT CH Carnoustie´s Silver Flower

(INT MULTI CH Breezdon Only Edition in Heidelind - Heidelind´s Pleasant As A Zephyr)

 31.10.2002 - 07.04.2015  Loved and sadly missed


8 x CC, 4 x CACIB, 4 x BOB, BIS-2 Collie Speciality show,
BIG-2, 2 x BOS, 3 x rCC, 5 x rCACIB.
FInnish Collie Society´s #2 Top Brood Bitch 2012

Just like her late mother, Silva was an outstanding brood bitch, and produced very
many show winners and good breeding dogs, for example Tricolour Breed Record Holder
C.I.B SE EE CH, BH, EEW-12 Carnoustie´s Double-O-Seven with 13 CC, 5 CACIB, 6 rCACIB, BOB, BOS,  and his litter
sisters C.I.B. EE CH,  FIJW-09, FIW-09, EEW-12 Carnoustie´s Solitaire with 10 CC , 8 CACIB, 10 rCC,  BIG-4, BIG-3, 2 x BIG-1, BIS-1,
RU BY EE LV CH, RU GR CH, RU J CH, RU CLUB CH, RU J CLUB CH Carnoustie´s Solange,
CC-winner Carnoustie´s Scaramanga, Carnoustie´s Silver Miracle, rCC winner Carnoustie´s Elektra, etc.

Silva had approved temperament test, 100 points, gun shot secure.

Tuusula 2.7: "2,5 years old blue merle bitch of excellent size, very feminine. Feminine head,
could have more rounded muzzle, beautiful ears, beautiful expression, good neck, back and
croup, well angulated. Enough chest, beautiful bones and feet, moving forward with the right
herding dog attitude, parallell movements in front and behind, excellent coat quality. Lovely
 BB-2, rCC/Lena Eskills.

Oulu 13.5.2006 "Excellent type. Beautiful topline. Good ears. Excellent head and beautiful
bitch expression. Good body and angulations. Good blue merle colour. Beautiful and well
balanced. Carries her tail excellent. Moves well".
CC, BOB, Gunnel Holm

Rauma 20.5.2006:"Excellent feminine bitch, excellent type. Medium sized. Extremely
beautiful small ears, good shape of eyes and eyes dark enough. Harmonically constructed.
Excellent length of body, powerful movements, beautiful blue merle colour".
CC, BOS, FIN CH,Mari Palgi.


28.06.2003 Suonenjoki, BOB-puppy, Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
13.07.2003 Kokkola, BOB-puppy, Nina Karlsdotter
24.08.2003 Tallinn int show, Estonia, 2nd Excellent junior class, Linda Jurgens
25.10.2003 Seinäjoki, 2nd Excellent, Brenda Banbury
02.11.2003 Kokkola, 1st Excellent, rCC, Ulla Bergh-Persson

03.07.2004 Saarijärvi, 2nd Excellent, Jaana Hartus
17.07.2004 Orivesi, 1st Excellent intermediate, Moa Persson
06.08.2004 Kuopio, Excellent, Terry Thorn
07.08.2004 Kuopio, 3rd Excellent

15.05.2005 Jyväskylä, 2nd Best Bitch, CC, Ulla Bergh-Persson
18.06.2005 Saarijärvi, 4th Best Bitch, Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
02.07.2005 Tuusula, 2nd Best Bitch, rCC, Lena Eskills
03.07.2005 Hyvinkää, 4th Best Bitch, Mari Palgi
10.07.2005 Nokia, 2nd Excellent, Carin Åkesson (no coat at all :)
17.09.2005 Temperament test, 100 points, approved, gunshot secure

08.01.2006 Finnish Collie Society/Pohjanmaa subdivision, 2nd Best Show Bitch Year 2005
13.05.2006 Oulu, CC, BOB, Gunnel Holm
20.05.2006 Rauma, CC, BOS, FIN CH, Mari Palgi
04.06.2006 Mänttä, collie speciality show, BOB, BIS-2, Gunnel Holm
19.09.2006 Tallinn, BB-2, rCACIB
04.11.2006 St Petersburg, Russia, CC, BOB, RUS CH, BIG-2
05.11.2006 St Petersburg, Russia, show I, BB-2, CC
05.11.2006 St Petersburg, Russia, show II, BB-2, CC

15.03.2008 Tampere int show, BB-3, rCACIB, Ulf Bråthen
27.04.2008 Vaasa int.show, BB-3, rCACIB, Leena Danker
24.05.2008 Kangasniemi, BB-2
01.06.2008  Tallinn, Estonia, ESTW08, BB-2, CC, CACIB, EST CH, Natalja Nekrosieni
21.06.2008 Rovaniemi, int show, BB-4, Marina Ostrovskaya
04.07.2008 WW show, Stockholm, Sweden, Excellent open class
12.07.2008 Oulu int show, BB-2, rCACIB
13.07.2008 Oulu nat show, BB-3

11.01.2009 Finnish Collie Society  / Pohjanmaa Subdivision, Top Show Bitch of the Year 2008, TOP COLLIE
11.01.2009 Finnish Collie Society , # 6 Top Show Bitch of the Year 2008
18.07.2009 Oulu international show, BB-1, CACIB, BOS
01.08.2009 Pori international show, BB-2, rCACIB, Seamus Oates

20.06.2010 Moletai, Lithuania, CC, CACIB, BOB, LT CH, Gunnel Holm.
31.12.2010 Finnish Collie Society Competition,  # 9 Top Brood Bitch.

13.07.2012 Piteå, Sweden, Collie Speciality BB-3
15.07.2012 Piteå, Sweden, international show, BB-2, rCC, reserve-CACIB  --> CACIB, new INT CH