HeJW-12 Carnoustie´s Nefertiti

FI EE CH, HEW-11 Wicani Caped Crusader - C.I.B EE CH,  FIJW-09, FIW-09 EEW-12 Carnoustie´s Solitaire


Introducing our blue lady "Taco". She has A/A-hips, 0/0-elbows, cea-free/cea-free, pra-free.

She was born in a big litter of 7 puppies,
of which 5  were cea-free.
From this litter also  an export  to United States of America,
Carnoustie´s Rameses, who already has earned his american obedience title, CD.
His first litter is born in USA, a big litter of 10 puppies! Also his second litter was huge,
15 puppies born, with 10 survivors.
Her sister FI SE CH Carnoustie´s Cleopatra is also very succesful on the show scene, and has produced two CC-winners.

Show results:
30.06.2012 Tampere, Collie Main Speciality show: Jun 1st Exc, CQ, BB-4 (131 roughs, Val Geddes, Ingledene)
07.07.2012  Kokkola international show, Jun 2nd Ecx
13.07.2012 Piteå, Sweden, collie speciality, Jun 2nd Exc, CQ
15.07.2012 Piteå, Sweden, international show, Jun 2nd Exc, CQ
04.08.2012 Pärnu, Estonia, int show, BB-2, breed specialist Natalja Rööm
05.08.2012 Pärnu, Estonia, int show, junCC, junBOS, BB-4, breed specialist Linda Jurgens
08.12.2012 Helsinki Winner Show, international show, jun 1st Exc, CQ, Helsinki Junior Winner 2012, BB-3, CC
09.12.2012 Finnish Winner show, int.show, jun 3rd Exc, CQ

06.01.2013 Finnish Collie Society / Pohjanmaa subdivision, Top Bitch 2012
13.04.2013 Vaasa international (55 roughs, Susanne Nilsson), jun 1st Exc, CQ, rCC
21.07.2013 Ylivieska international (60 roughs, Petra Junehall) intermediate 1st Exc, CQ, BB-3
17.11.2013 Jyväskylä int. Open 3rd Exc, CQ, rCC

26.04.2014 Vaasa int, open 1st Exc, CQ, BB-3, rCC
03.05.2014 Harjavalta, open 2nd Exc, CQ, BB-4, CC (97 roughs)
04.05.2014 Tampere int, open 2nd Exc, CQ (110 roughs)
25.05.2014 Tuuri, open 1st Exc, CQ, BB-3, rCC
07.06.2014 Raisio, main speciality, open Exc
08.06.2014 Lohja, CC, BOB (68 roughs)
04.07.2014 Pärnu FCI1  BB-2, Linda Jurgens
05.07.2014  Pärnu int show, open exc, Dina Korna
06.07.2014 Pärnu int show, BB-4, Tomas Rohlin
12.07.2014 Kokkola int show, BB-2, rCACIB, Lidija Oklescen
19.07.2014 Kemi int show, BB-4, Saija Juutilainen
26.07.2014 Saarijärvi, BB-4,  Pirjo Aaltonen
27.07.2014 Helsinki, BB-3, Elina Haapaniemi
31.12.2014 Finnish Collie Society # 5 Top Show Bitch 2014

11.04.2015 Vaasa international, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-4 (52 roughs, 38 breeds in group 1, 2800 dogs) Birte Scheel/Kresten Scheel/Gunnar Nymann
14.06.2015 Tuuri all breed BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2 (breed judge Juha Putkonen, group judge Elina Haapaniemi, BIS-judge Irina Poletaeva), 2800 dogs
11.07.2015 Oulu international, open Exc (!), judge Orietta Zilli
12.07.2015 Oulu international,  CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in group 1, 52 roughs judge Olga Grin