Ms Sinclair and friend

Helen Sinclair is the character played by Dianne in the film Bullets Over Broadway. A flirtatious, boozy, manipulative Broadway diva from the 1920s. 

She is not shy and refers to herself as a vain Broadway legend. At other times she states simply "I'm Helen SINCLAIR!" She has appeared in many plays over her long and illustrious career, including King Lear, Hamlet, Agamemnon, Uncle Vanya and the Master Builder; playing bold, passionate characters like Electra and Lady Macbeth. Her rule is to never play frumps or virgins. Her dream role would be to play Jesus' mother, with an Oedipal slant, or alternatively Lucrezia Borgia or Marie Curie.

She has numerous ex-husbands, so many in fact that she sometimes has difficulty telling them apart. One of them is distinguished by his moustache.

She is fond of a drink, her favourite being two Martinis, extra dry. But in the 1920s the choice can sometimes be a little limited. Fortunately she can always fall back on more reliable intoxicants, like paint-stripper.

She smokes cigarettes in a holder and hates dogs. She has a place in the Vineyard. She swears in French.

She has gained a reputation as an adulteress. There are rumours that she has done it with Cole Porter among others. She has a weakness for men in power, like directors and playwrights. She uses her charms to seduce them, especially if they can make her characters less frigid. 

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