So you've finished looking at the rest of the site and you still want more huh?

Well sit down and welcome to the me bit.

OK. My name's Catherine Jelley. Yes JELLEY! I'm 29 years old and come from Leeds, a gorgeous big smelly city in Yorkshire, Northern England. To give you a clue that's where "Emmerdale" is filmed, a stones throw from "Wutherin' Heights" country, where Alan Bennett grew up, and where Turner did some of his paintings.

However as of now: i.e. October 2002, I have been living in Helsinki, Finland for 2 years. Let's say I fell in love with Finland at an impressionable age and decided I had to move here. The language is a bitch and -30 Centigrade is really cold but I love it here. And the midnight sun makes up for the cold anyway. So now I live in the same part of Helsinki as Kaurismäki shoots many of his films in and where the Bomfunk MCs shot their Freestyler video.

I like all sorts of cultural things like concerts, films, art and architecture so big city life suits me. But I also like escaping to the nature, camping, staying in summer cottages, hill-walking, cycling, swimming, skiing and saunaing.

I'm a biochemist by trade, curing the world of disease but I am equally adept at English teaching, technical writing and toilet cleaning. Sometimes it's hard being foreign.

I use the internet quite a lot, maybe too much. I like to keep up with the news in Britain but I'm terrible at replying to emails. The internet is a great equalizer though, everyone can have a page, a voice, whatever. And history is made by those who write it down. So if you haven't got your own page yet, get a library book out or something and build one. And when it's finished send me the URL.

Well what else is there to say. Apart from Dianne Wiest, I like Woody Allen, Michael Caine, Thora Hird, Anne Reid, Julie Walters, Alan Bennett, Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne, John Shuttleworth, Kathy Burke, Abba, Air, Röyksopp, The Ark, Julian Cope, Kate Bush, Judy Garland, Dusty Springfield, Sparks, The Streets, Martin Parr, Colin Baxter, Tove Jansson, archipelagos, ducks, frogs, water, beer and food. And lots more too. And I like a good sense of humour.

Well that's quite enough about me.

If your still reading this far. Well done! And here's my email address if you promise to be gentle with me.

Cheerio then.