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Credits - In Non Alphabetical Order

There are a lot of esteemed people to thank for helping with the creation of this site:
Mary for creating the original and best Dianne Wiest web site which inspired me to build this one.
Cindy for her exceptional skill with a search engine.
Jen for her dedication and insights.
Join the Yahoo forum and find out more.
Also check out Christin's web page. It has some very cute pictures.

The pictures on this site came from many different sources. The credits are as follows: for their Arena Stage photo. for the great Leave it to Beaver is Dead picture. for the Frankenstein playbill. for the Three Sisters shot. for the Beyond Therapy photo and playbill.
THE MARGO FEIDEN GALLERIES LTD for the Beyond Therapy and In the Summer House cartoons. for all the Ed Hermann pictures. for the Sigourney picture. for the Ivanov photo. for the great Serenading Louie shots. Thanks Mary for the Sam and Dianne picture, the Helen Sinclair caps and the Square One photo.
The Liev Schreiber Site for the In the Summertime playbill. for the Blue Light photo. for the Jitta cartoon.
and for the One Flea Spare photos. for the Serenading Louie and Square One pictures.
A special thank you to Pamela C. Jordan from the Yale School of Drama Library for all her help with the Hedda Gabler and Doll House production information and reviews.
Another big thank you to Lauren K. Glaettli from Special Collections & Archives at George Mason University for all her help with finding and scanning the Arena Stage photos.

I'd also like to thank my parents,
not forgetting Woody Allen.

This is for you guys!