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I have been in dogs all my life as there has always been a dog in our household. I got my first own dog when I was 10 years old, an English Springer Spaniel, Redi. At 15 years of age I got a beagle, and at the same time I got to know Mrs. Eeva Resko (Daragoj). Since that day I was hooked, I worked as a kennel girl at Daragoj for many years.

I purchased my first Gordon Setter when I moved away from home and have been in the breed ever since 1989. My first "show" gordon was Magnolia Dances with Wolves "Neenah", who also was my foundation bitch. Neenah was the most winning bitch at that time, she won BIS in our yearly Specialty when she was 18 months old.

The first Kingpoints were born in 1994. In 1996 I moved to the USA for 3 years, I continued breeding and showing there. I had 2 dogs with me, one gordon and one pointer. Until this day I have bred 7 litters of Gordons and co -bred 5 litters of pointers with Kinnike kennels. I breed Gordons for dual purpose with correct breed type and markings, which are the hallmarks of the breed in my opinion.

I have had the opportunity to breed from lines that I consider to be ideal, I am sincerely grateful to Colleen O´Brian (Fair Isle), Cindy Fitzgerald (Woodsmoke), and Erica & John Bandes (Kinnike) for both the collaboration and friendship that we share.You taught me so well and I really appreciate that.

The best part in this "way of life" isn't the fact that you'll end up breeding a good dog.Not even the fact that you'll manage to breed a good dog after another.In my opinion,the best thing is that even in very limited breeding program some of the puppy buyers have become friends ...good ones. There's enough motivation for the years to come!

- Tuija Verho -
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