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sire: dam:
AM CH, FinW- 95-96-98-99-01, NordW- 97
Fair Isle The Bodyguard
Magnolia Dances with Wolves


AM CH Kingpoint Bull Durham

  Kingpoint Baloo

• CC winner in Finland

AM CH Kingpoint Bagheera

the first groupwinning bitch ever in Finland
producer of 5 AM CH

Am Ch
FinW- 95-96-98-99-0,
NordW- 97
Fair Isle The Bodyguard
Am Ch
Raggededge One Ata Time
Am Ch Woodsmoke Classic Alibi CD
Buteo`s Lady In Black
Alilou`s Fair Isle Souvenir Alilou`s Rory Mackay CD JH
Woodsmoke`s After Hours
Magnolia Dances With Wolves Am Ch
Alilou`s Rory Mackay CD JH
Black Anvil Amiable Gent
Heatcliff`s Heather Mackay CD
Am Ch
Glynnwood Magnolia Classic
Wildwood`s Classic Grenadier
Ridgewood`s Morgan LeFay
web master Marita Peuhkuri

Alilou Fair Isle Souvenir Am & Can CH Alilou's Rory MacKay JH Am & Can C H Alilou Down Memory Lane JH Rus Ch Kingpoint Evereywhere