Health Inquiry of the Chart Polski 2005. Summary of the results


This health inquiry was originally the project of the Finnish Kennel Club making up a part of the breeding program for a dog breed. We were mainly interested in the results of this kind of an inquiry. That is why we decided to perform the task quite regardless of the future of the rest of the program in the case of the Chart Polski.

This inquiry covers 57 dogs registered in Finland so far. Separate inquiry forms were designed for breeders and owners. The inquiry was sent to 21 persons, 20 of which responded. The percentage of the responses was 95% covering 94% of all the dogs. That was a fairly good result. In addition to Finnish fanciers, two owners from Sweden responded to the inquiry. Thanks to them once again!

1 Defects and diseases
  • allergy 4 cases(2 to broiler, 1 to certain industrial dog food, 1 to dust)
  • tumours 4 cases (situated in uterus, abdomen, mammae, gums)
  • pseudopregnancy 3 cases
  • prostatomegaly (enlarged prostata) 3 cases
  • overshot 3 cases (2 significant, 1 insignificant)

    separate cases

  • supraventicular tachycardia
  • irregular heat cycle
  • inflammation of the uterus
  • recurrent inflammation of the eye
  • periostitis
  • coming off nails
  • defects in the set of teeth
  • chronic problems with the stomach
  • intestinal inflammation

2 Causes of death

8 - 12 y.

  • long lasting overloading of the kidneys due to prostatomegaly
  • acute paralysis of hind legs (euthanasia)
  • high age in general
  • tumour in the stomach

    below 8 y.

  • hurt in an accident 2 cases
  • sudden heart failure
  • euthanasia due to problems in the temperament 2 cases

3 Researches

  • eyes not researched
  • hips not recearched
  • temperament tested 1 dog resulting 54 p.

4 Temperament

Concerning the temperament, the tendency to agression or immoderate tenderness related to the structure of the nervous system were regarded as problems. Snapping and reserved attitude towards strangers were regarded as problems as well as some kind of unexpectedness in the behaviour. The strong instinct for chasing and guarding were also mentioned, but they were not unambiguously regarded as problems. On the other hand a great deal of the answers think that these charasteristics can be kept under control with proper training. They also remark that these traits usually become weaker with years.

5 Other comments

Breeders were asked to seriously pay attention to developing the temperament of the breed..