Nero Sankarikoira

Suomen Kennelliitto on myöntänyt tänä vuonna 2011 Sankarikoirn arvon Nerolle (Chic Bohemian Rapsody) ihmishengen pelastamisesta.

Finnish Kennelclub has awarded Nero (Chic Bohemian Rapsody) as Hero Dog for saving human life.
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Janika and "Silkki";
Janika oli koiran hoitoa opettelemassa,
kiitos Janikalle koiranhoito avusta!
Welcome to Finland Rose Chic of Dreaming Wonder ~ "Nuppu"!

Thank you to Christine Vollrath for this lovely puppy!


Milla and Iita in summer 2009
(Chic fin New Style and What a Style)

Photos from Hungary 20 - 21.6.2009:


"Boris"   Tiffy and Boris in their "wagons"

Tiffy relaxing after show in her "wagon"
Chic Snow Wizard ~ "Bofu" in the summer 2008 (photos Jarkko Torni)
Welcome to Finland Saruko's Destiny at Chic ~ "Saruko"!
"Saruko's" sire: Am. Can. CH Saruko Valcopy Sam I am
dam: Am. Can. CH Saruko Leading Lady (Top Show dog 2006)

Thank you Denise York, Saruko Kennel, Canada, for this charming and lovely Saruko-boy!
Ulpu - Chic Sweet Melody relaxing after show with her awards (25.2.2007)
Welcome to Finland!
Thank you Lene and Connie Jakobsen for these lovely Jouet-kids!
White miniature female "Tiffy" with Lene - Jouet For Better Or Worse

White miniature male "Story"

Fin Ch Jouet Once Upon A Time "Story", (photo Jorma Wahlström)
Good Luck in Italy!
Black miniature male Chic Fin Night Flight "Night",
owner Simona Casacci, kennel OroNero.

Chic Fin Night Flight Italian Champion 4.6.2006 !
 National Show - Pisa - judge: Kelemen (Romania) - BOB,CAC
Int Show - Montichiari (Brescia) - judge: Seljko Gajje (Slovenia) - BOB, CAC
Int Show - San Remo (Imperia) - judge: Henrik Hannelius (Finland) - BOB, CAC
Special Show for the breed - Empoli (Firenze) - judge: Tabò (Italy) - BOB, CAC
Int Show - Firenze - judge: Rainer Vuorinen (Finland) - BOB, CAC
National Show - Prato - judge: Sonia Falletti (Italy) - BOB, CAC
Good Luck in Denmark !
White miniature female Chic Ode of Flirt "Chicky"
owner, Jytte Pfänner, kennel Cresendo's
Airi Arabeska Geyser Chic
"Boris" with his owner Teija Hukka.
Chic breeder's group Best in Show 16.8.2003 in Joensuu
and Best in Show #2 in Joensuu 6.8.2005.

Crecendo's Finlandia Flirt
7.7.2001 Piteå, Sweden
Crecendo's Finlandia Flirt
  21.4.2002 Narvik, Norway
Crecendo's Finlandia Flirt
Fin Ch. Chic Carioca
Black miniature male Fin Ch. Chic Carioca "Aku"
10.1.2004 Kajaani: BOS, BOB-vet, BIS 4 -vet
23.5.2004 Joensuu: BOB, BOB-vet, BIS 1 -vet
Chic Snow Wizard in continental clip and Chic JouJou with her owner Hanna Hirvonen.
Chic Lovelock "Efe" and Chic Quite A Hero "Elvis"
In photo Chic Rock-Idol "Rolle" owner, Ulla Maasio