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    Dream a Little Dream - a personal site
    This is a personal site about me, Jenn of the Spoo. Spiritual, intellectual and moral topics may be covered - so beware, and know what you're getting yourself into, visiting this site. ;) In previous years I've had many personal and not-so-personal websites, but as time passes hosts come and go and so most of my websites have now gone to an early grave. Sometimes I think back to the time when I made my first big personal website - Spoo's Universe - and wonder where the time went. In May 2006 I decided to re-build a personal space for myself and start this website. Wish me luck..? ;)

    Latest Ramblings and Updates:

    29.5.2006: Stupid shoutbox, work..!! :P Something about having both that code and the amazon codes is messing up my shoutbox. WHEE, never mind, it works!! :D LOL.. Now to hope someone stops by to shout something. :P
    28.5.2006: Ok, so I haven't tried running a personal site in ages. I've concentrated on making clean-looking more informative type of sites, so we'll see how this goes.. :P Latest updates are.. all pages. :P Lastest plan.. getting into one of those neato website competition type thingies. :)

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    Yes, I do amazon, because let's face it - they are at the top of their game.

    Marriage is love.

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