Well, this is my sound page ! And I know the all spelling isn't right. But try to overlook that one.  =)

Romeo & Juliet

 Romeo: did my hart love until now.....
 R: my hart due love is set, on the fair daughter of rich Capulet
 J: if they see thee they will murder thee......
 R: I am furtunes fool!
 Juliet: goodnight, goodnight
 J: gentle Romeo, if thus....
 Mercutio: a plague on both your houses!
 R: I beg you, be merciful, say death...
 Juliet's mother: Romeo slaughtered Tybalt. Romeo must not live!
 Police: Romeo is banished!
 Juliet: my only love sprung from my only hate
 Tybalt: Romeo! thus are a villain!
 Police: throw you weapons to the ground!

 5th element

  Alien: time not important, only life important
  aah.. I forgot, you still prefer the cat to the real thing....
  Sir, are you classified as human? Korden: Negative, I'm a meat popsicle
  Mr. Dallas. You're selected to a mission ...


 Scully: I dont trust you
  Scully: the clock is running
  Scully: I think it's bile! Mulder: is there anyway I could get this of my fingers without....
 Don't unlock doors you're not prepared to go through
 Scully: what? you don't think i am capable?
 Scully: it is over, done
 you know what an x-file is? Mulder: it's an .. it's an unsolved case....
 Scully: you never saw this, this didn't happen . you tell anyone you're a dead man
 Mulder: are you sure?
 Mulder: I want to know how the hell this happened
 Mulder: eenie meenie jelly beenie, the spirits are about to speak
 Scully: I don't know why I'm standing here listening to this
And here is a X-file  font that I used to the headline( sounds)  X-file font
Independence day

 Will: Elvis has left the building!
 Will: I have got to get me one of these!
 Will: Welcome to earth!

Men In Black

 W: You do know Elvis is dead right? T.L.J: no Elvis is not dead, he just went home
 W: you know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good!
 ?: We're them, we're they. We are the men in black!
 Will: it just be raining black people in New York


 This is a Midi of the theme song of Friends:  Friends theme
  Chandler: are you watching Star trek!?
 Rachel's boss: congratulations, you just crossed the line to completely uesless....
 Trappen in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre
 Joey: she really wants to have sex with you. C: crazy bitch
 Chandler: gum would be perfection
 Chandler: could you want her more.....
 Chandler: AAHH! my eyes, my eyes
 C: business end of hissyfit
 C: extra air
 Men are here
 C: oh no,no, no. J: that's good, just keep on rubbing your head, that will turn back time
 M: I just had sew with someone who wasn't alive during the bicentennial
 J: Phoebe, what do you think a good stage name for me would be? P: Flameboy!
 Phoebe: Steve blazed up a doobie
 P: the semen of a righteus man
 The fifth dentist caved...
 R: we think he tryed to spell out the word MONKEY
 R: did you get to the part about his huge throbbing pens?....
 J: you waited too long to make a move, so now you're in the friend zone...
 J: oh man, what are the odds of that happening?...
 Bob Marley MIDIs
 No woman No cry   Funky Reggae Party 
Jammin   Iron Lion Zion 
 Exodus   Is this love 
 Waiting in Vain   One Love 
Redempti   I shot the Sheriff 
 Could you be loved   Stir it up 
 Three Little Birds   Buffalo Soldier 
 Africa Unite   Dont rock my boat 
 Get up stand up   Jah Live 
 Keep on Moving   Many Rivers to Cross 
 Natural Mystic   One Drop 
 Roots, Rock, Reggae   So much Trouble in the World 
 War   Zimbabwe 

You'll need a Winamp program to listen to these, download it  HERE!
 Funky jam
 Life 705