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Eläintarha left
Nice bouldering with granite and generally good landings. Low and round general appearance. Descent from route #3 & #6. Watch for  vipers!
1. Viimeinen Lenkki (6a)
Straight up between the cracks.
4. Jack in the Box (6a)
Straight up from the box.
2.  Apinoiden Planeetta (5)
Up the face.
5. Monty Python (6b+)
Starting from the horizontal groove, straight up! No box for feet!
3.  Hunajapupu (4+)
Up the groove.
6. Freddy Froggs (6a+)
Big stone as steppingstone, straight up!

Eläintarha right
Fair quality rock, couple HB:s and quite hard topouts over holdless bulges! Downclimb along the big groove left of # 6. Watch those vipers!
7. Ylästön Koirat (project)
Up along nothing, avoiding the left groove!
11. Tichodrome (5+)
Up the corner. Bit of a highball!
8. Smack The Pony (project)
Straight up using both diagonal grooves!
42. Project
Up from the big stone, avoiding the right groove.
9. Buzz Me Honey (7b+) T.Nytorp
Up along the diagonal groove!
43. Chickaani (6a+)
Up along the groove.
10. Zoolandia (6c+) O-P.Manni
Via big flake, straight up
44. Pullman (7a+) A.Johansson
Hands on horizontal crack, using aréte on the left, straight up.

Short and intense bouldering with good rock quality and good landings! Quick drying.
12. Voodoo Lounge (6c+)
From corner trav. L-R along the edge, under the lip and up from #20.
18. Haitin Urkuri (6b+)
Sitstart,  hands on the crimpy edge. Stone on the left accepted.
Try also right variant via right sidepull and then straight up!
13.  Zombie (6b)
Sitstart from corner, straight up.
19. Haitin Urkuri Direct (?) M.Mikkola
Same start but avoiding use of the big stone!
14. Wassup PapaDoc (6a)
Sitstart from corner, finish slightly left.
20. Exit Right (4)
Up the corner.
15. Samaani (5c)
41. M.D.T. (6b+)
Sitstart behind the tree. Left way up on diagonal sider, right on crimp, straight up.
16. In Utero (6a)
Sitstart under the lip.
45.Kenttäpossu (4+)
Ss, straight up along big groove.
17. Poppamies (5-)

Redsector left
Generally positive climbing with good landings and mild grades! Good technique training for feet!
21. Fasadi (5+)
Sitstart, up the face.
25. Think Positive (5-)
Straight up avoiding edges!
22. Marakatti (5+)
Straight up along the slab's right side. Feet-only version exists!
26. Maratoonari (4+)
Try also feet only version with high steps on good holds! 
23. Spöke i Opera (5+)
Straight up, avoiding the L & R edges. Also feet only version
27. Nahkaparturi (6b)
Sitstart. Direct along the aréte. Some deviate to the left, which is also acceptable.
24. Positroni (5+)
Straight up avoiding edges!

Redsector right
Variable bouldering from mild to hard. Sitstarts with fair quality rock (red granite). 
28. Flash Gordon (7b) H.Pöyry.
Sitstart, straight up!
32 Tuulikaappi (4+)
Sitstart, warmup!
29. Footloose (5c)
Sitstart, left on big sidepull!
33. Nobody Loves a Loser! (6a+)
Sitstart, left on crystall sidepull, right on crimp, straight up!
30. Pulla & Manteli (5c)
Sitstart from corner.
34. Lulla (5c)
Sitstart from large sidepull, staight up!
31. Love Shack Baby (6a+)
Sitstart, up over the bulge.
46. Nicepoliisi ( 5+ )
Ss, starting between blocks, hands on vertical groove, straight up.

Quite crimpy climbing in granite with some high problems and good landings! Descent from the rightside of rockface. Slow drying!
35. Fat Mama (6a)
Over the small bulge.
39. Got my Mojo Workin' (6c)
Sitstart with hands on obvious holds! Do not use the stump for feet!
36. Skinny Jim (6a+)
Groove eliminate.
40. Witchaway (6a)
Sitstart! Up between cracks.
37. Groove FM (5)
Groovy babe!
47. Grammari (4+)
Up the positive slab.
38. Cool Dispositions (6b+)
Another groove eliminate. HB.

Driving instructions Sector access

Driving instructions:
You'll find Ylästö at the southwest corner of airport, south of kehä III. From the Ylästöntie(road) turn uphill to Hiidenkivenkuja(street).
Drive all the way to the end and PAST the TIILERI warehouse. Park your car behind the warehoue, away from the path. Anyway, don't block the traffic especially to the warehouse!!!
Buses # 51 and 55 run from Tikkurila towards Myyrmäki.
Bus # 650 departs from Helsinki railwaystation, platform 12 and all these buses have a stop nearby (named "Malminrajantie") on the Ylästöntie!
Check also Helsinki telephone catalogue page 80 (88-DI).
Sector access and more precise description:
From the parking area, take the leftmost path which winds thru the forest towards northwest and the fields. After circa 150 meters the path narrows, goes later on over a little stream and goes slightly uphill, which after you'll have to start to look for deviation to your left where the edge of forest and barn can be found.
The boulder walls are near the fields and close to the edge of forest and the above mentioned barn is just beside the Red sector's left side. The barn is also  faintly visible from Ylästöntie.
The walls are on private land so remeber these few quidelines;
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