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Band history

Pore has been playing it's own music since 1994. Pasi and Pete, a bass player and a drummer, brothers and friends, asked Jussi to join them in this musical alliance. The power trio created music and performed for five years.

In 1999 Jussi had some difficult problems with his arm, which kept him from playing the guitar. The boys had also discussed the possibility to take another guitar player to the band before that. When Jukka moved to Helsinki, there was no doubt about who the new guitar player would be. Jukka had played with Pasi and Pete in early nineties before Jussi, so this quartet was a natural move in this musical evolution.

The foursome did some heavy training, one five song CD and a bunch of new songs. Anyway a thought of having just one lead singer had grown little by little. The idea that Pasi and Jussi switched the lead vocal parts didn't seem to work well enough. In 2001 the decision of getting a singer to the band was made.

Miikka and Pasi had been playing together for some time in a band called Konia. The rest of the band also knew Miikka, because he too has lived in Kajaani as every other member of the group so far. Pasi had also played some Pore's new material to Miikka, and Miikka had liked what Pore was doing. Pasi asked Miikka to join the band and Miikka was willing to join in.

In the summer of 2002 Jukka left out of the band. His assingment in Freud Marx Engels & Jung got him lots of work, so he didn't have enough time for Pore anymore. Miikka picked up his guitar and filled the empty space that Jukka's departure had left.


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