Recording of four new Pore songs will be finished 2001-12-09. Once again the new ideas and demo tapes will be taken to the CNCD studios for additional recordings and final mixing. We've decided to record four songs this time. The new lead singer Miikka will be performing the vocals. The band is very optimistic and confident about the new songs and line-up.


Pore is at the moment training with a new lead singer. Pasi and Jussi will no longer be singing the lead parts. The fifth member will be introduced as soon as things get going.


The site structure was changed a bit. The counter was removed after 4384 hits.


Pore is in currently recording five new songs. The new songs should be available before December 2001, possibly sooner.


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The "best Pore song" contest is over. Runner was voted the best song and Friends & Enemies the second best song. So be it. One voter was drawn out, and the prize-CD was sent to him. Thanks to all voters for your interest.


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After long searching, Pore has now found a new training place in Helsinki. After Jukka joined the band, the old place became too small. The new place is shared with two other bands and it it's about four times bigger than the old one.
There is enough room to make some recordings for future productions.